Add support for webauthn authentication, Yubikeys and the like



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  • WispTheHusky

    Still nothing from Discord 3 years later. It's not a difficult feature to implement to vastly improve the security of their platform... Why not even a sound from them? Obviously, they care about adding useless functionality to Nitro instead of core security features...

  • efinder2 | Daniel

    If they add it, they'll add it to Nitro Super Mega Ultra ++++ for 1000$ per month (inflation adjusted in 2021, when they implement it in 50-100 years). Sad that discord isn't open source. I would add it.

  • ☭Soda☭Fountain☭

    Efinder, you make a good point byut afaik it is very possible the stabtard is open source but since its a big security leap it may be hard to get something working niceley

  • Wouter

    Would be really nice to see this finally getting added to Discord. Potentially even YubiKey OTPs

  • Void

    We need this please!!

  • Bou is a good resource for getting started with the API!

  • 7wells

    Simply stop using services you are not satisfied with - the power of customers should not be underestimated.

  • ☭Soda☭Fountain☭

    7wells- discord will eventually learn and add it: then they just need to make the tokens not bypass 2fa ubless its same device

  • Jordy


    Discord should really add support for webauth, its been 3 years already and nothing...


  • maikiby


    We really need this extra layer of security

  • Random X Shadowolf

    when will discord allow us to add the yubikey to our account

  • Sorcerer

    How is this still not a thing? I'm doing my end of year decluttering of accounts, 2/3 of those I had on Google Authenticator I could finally remove because they now support U2F and options to only use U2F without any other backup and Discord is still sitting there. Please add U2F, user account security should not be this much of a struggle for us to get.

  • Nicofisi

    This is also very important for me. Please add it <3

  • BinaryLoop

    Disappointing to see this posted 3 years ago and zero action from Discord.
    Security improvements should be prioritised.

  • DunkleAura

    Hi, today i noticed that Discord doesn't have support for my yubikey, which would improve the account security damatically. Can you imagine how disappointed i was, this feature is now requested for over 3 years?

    Discord please, implement it. Here a short list of services who support security keys and i use a lot:

    * github
    * microsoft
    * google
    * bitwarden
    * twitter
    * youtube

    Hope to add Discord to this list as well.

    Thank you.

  • Status

    I would like to use my Yubikeys as my only 2FA for Discord If implemented please don't force to use TOTP as a backup.

    I currently use it for



    Google Alt enrolled in advanced protection

    a few forum sites like Cryptomator forums

    Tutanota email


    All of the above let me use my Yubikey exclusively as my 2FA

  • BuyMyMojo

    It has been years since this request was opened and with this standard being pushed by Microsoft, Apple and Google now is the best time to adopt!


    It's already directly built in to some android versions, it's releasing on iOS 16 in september and windows has had support for ages.


    This will be a much more secure alternative to the adminitedly very flawed QR code login discord is using now.

  • MarkusSchaber

    Any news on this? I just assumed it "just works", like with GitHub, Google, AWS, and other "big sites", just to find out it's not even implemented. It's 2022, after all.

  • leagris

    This place is write-only.

    Discord teams no longer look here.

    The few Contractor Developers may be too busy working on monetization, tracking activity on users devices to monetize it and convince users to pay a Nitro subscription for having access to fancy animated icons.

  • Vin R.

    Hey! wanted to comment on this. I did some asking around in various official Discords and this feature is actually being worked on! They don't have a timeline for it, but they hear us and are actively working on it!

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hey! wanted to comment on this. I did some asking around in various official Discords and this feature is actually being worked on! They don't have a timeline for it, but they hear us and are actively working on it!

    that's amazing! I wonder what it'll be like since Apple, Google and Microsoft are working on having Passkeys for the Passwordless future soon. IOS 16 is scheduled to be released next week which features the ability to do this! though it's going to be a hassle for Apps to implent this.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Security keys are now in the works officially! I've done some digging on twitter accounts and was met with pictures showcasing how it looks like. really excited for this!

  • Status here is the tweet for anyone who wants to see for themselves


    Not sure if it's allowed to link it but this is the most active thread on Yubikey support

  • eyos

    Please Add WebAuthn / FIDO2 standard for Multi Factor Authentication using Security keys e.g. Yubikeys. I would love use my Yubikeys to increase account security. Currently I am unable add more than OTP.


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