Stream Deck Integration


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  • Stennos

    And to press a button to post live in specific servers and channels

  • kyppo

    I would definitely love the ability to (un)mute/(un)deafen Discord with a plugin in SD rather than use hotkeys.

    Hotkeys don't always work in certain fullscreen games.

  • Starki-sama

    I can do nothing but agree with this. One of the primary reasons I have my stream deck is to avoid hotkeys on my keyboard, if Discord got direct integration it would make my entire setup that much nicer.

  • Fred

    StreamDeck now has a public API - I made a mute/deafen plugin:

  • xMr

    Yesss make it so we can post live in our discords without needs of bots and please support images with this too if possible!

  • DavidGX

    Yes, please! I'd love the ability to post a chat message in a specific channel on a specific server with a button press on the Stream Deck.

  • Fred

    I don’t think so - though you could use a hot key action on the stream deck to push to talk. If you don’t want to use a normal key, you could assign it to F17 and add that in discord settings

  • ForwardUntoSean

    A year later when this was posted and there's no integration. This is a crucial feature for streamers so they don't have to tab out of what they're doing, they can just press the designated key to mute or deafen or maybe some other hot key.

  • Lewis Dinsdale

    Fred! You legend! Works a treat!! Could you add a push to talk button or how could I map the mute/deafen one to PTT? Thanks for the work on this! 

  • Joelt

    Here is the SDK on it

  • Being_Parzival

    Would also love the ability to assign voice channels to the Stream Deck buttons so that I can switch between different servers and voice channels easily...

  • Rocky

    yes this really does need to happen, maybe even a post a specific message in specific channels in selected servers which could also be done with multi action option in streamdeck. but PLEAAAAASE make this happen!

  • RooskyRex

    @Fred, thanks for the plugin!!

  • Kailorn

    Honestly surprised myself seeing that there is no integration yet for Discord. I think its essential. Thanks

  • ! ! ! StanKraft ! ! !

    PLEASE add this. I always post in my Discord server when I go live, but I stream from a not-great laptop so whenever I open Discord, my stream starts dropping frames. It would be so much easier to just press a button to post a message. I am so surprised that this hasn't happened yet with the amount of streamers that have Discord communities. This NEEDS to be added as soon as possible as it is REALLY important to a lot of smaller streamers like myself to post in their Discord servers when they go live, as that is where most of the viewers come from. I don't see why this can't be added, so please Discord, at this as soon as you can. This should be quite high on the priority list.

  • Lewis Dinsdale

    100% agree with Stig.

    I am using Discord as a voicecomm tool for Zwift online, ( but riding a bike a reaching a keyboard is really not viable. Pushing to talk from the Stream Deck would be awesome! 

  • scubastevetxst

    Please add this with Stream Deck having an API now I hope it would be considered

  • Decimus

    Hopefully they add this!

  • krazydotk

    Fred just wanted to stop in to say thank you, the instructions were easy to follow and it works exactly the way i needed it. Thank you so much!


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