Add a @readonly built-in role below @everyone


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  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    Readonly? What purpose is that role used for?

  • Shalut

    The role would permit the user only read the textuel salon and not write, mention, modify the messages, etc.

  • Knagie

    Can't you just update the @everyone role to only be able to read?

    You need to manage 1 set of roles either way, make readonly default or make readonly the one being managed.
    If you make @everyone readonly you'll need to manage who is able to talk.

  • Gecko

    And if you won't made @everyone readonly and just want a @readonly role which inherits @everyone read perms without write perms?

    This role would be really usefull and avoid a lot of config which can be done automaticaly by inheritance. Actually we can't put role below @everyone, then we can't manage it easily on big server.


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