Link a voice channel with a text chat


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  • Haroldo

    Surely a bot could achieve this by repeating messages.

  • Pint

    Yes, a bot could do this, but the problem with a bot is that you can't access any of the things discord provides, such as viewing a user's profile or dm-ing them.

  • davicomceicao


  • Homie Box
    Great suggestion!
  • Frosty
    That's awesome suggestion! I like this so much! That should be added.
  • googlygoog

    I would love this too! I think it should be like, everyone (including administrators) should be able to read only those messages which were sent when they were in the voice channel.

  • LouNatic

    I also would like this feature. In the meantime please tell me what bots can do this.


  • TG Loadmaster

    I concur

  • Unicorn Squad

    I'm currently a member of a server where a I think a bot has been used to make this a reality, and I'm trying to figure it out for a server I'm working on for someone else, but for the life of me can't, it would be amazing to have this available without needing bots

  • Charger

    Unicorn any update on this?


  • Unicorn Squad

    Yes, I managed to figure it out and the bot that is used to make this a reality is Nadeko, it can link a TC with a VC and is pretty easy to do so

  • AleksandarKING

    Amazing idea, I agree
    I need this feature too

  • Jaznime

    This would be helpful, especially in servers where people are constantly active in both text and voice channels. If someone is in a vc but cannot talk they would have to look for an empty text channel or type something to people in the vc in a channel that other members are using, making it pretty confusing.

  • Jnuh

    yup yup, this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Atlas
    This feature definitely needs to come. Perhaps the most important feature that should come in Discord.
  • Reactive

    I support the topic! +

  • Fidanzo

    I support this topic. This is the only thing stopping me from going from TeamSpeak to Discord.

  • ToxicSalt does exactly this HMU on Discord if you need help ToxicSalt#0001

  • almostsuspense
    i don't see the point of adding this tbh
  • Sabina

    yes, please!

  • L.Antigreen

    This will be great function!!!

  • Ana Correia

    I support this!

  • Valéria

    Sim, seria muito bom!!!

  • raymerjacque

    its 2020 ... How can Discord still in 2020 not support something that everyone else has had for years ?  This should be TOP of their list of Features to ADD... I am considering leaving Discord for this very reason, Cant voice and text in same room, its SOOOO Frustrating having to keep multiple rooms open when 1 should do... its 2020 ffs ... 

  • Emile

    We are using discord during the covid teleworking stage, I suggested to use this over slack/zoom combo we usually use (and still do when talking to ppl outside of the company)

    Everybody likes it, except for the absence of this feature.. ppl keep asking about this and don't understand it doesn't exist.

    It seems such a basic feature that each and every of the competing applications has, I also don't understand the design decision here?


    I have found a few bots that add this functionality, but either they are not updated anymore ( , or they are big all in one bots that require a fee to unlock a.o. this feature.

  • Lorixon

    How can we still not have this feature, but videochatting voice channels?

  • Undrimnir

    I was also looking for bot with this functionality and ended up making my own.
    If anyone needs it - feel free to use
    No fees, no extra features - simply doing its own job.

  • Quinn

    You can just add a text channel with a name and description that'd make clear it belongs to a certain voice channel... and if it really only has to be visible when youre IN the voice channel, this can be done with a simple bot that gives you a role linked to a voice channel that allows you to read a text channel with no read message history perms...

  • KennKun

    I think the most important part is that it needs to have its messages read aloud for people in the voice channel using text-to-speech. The rest of the functionality can, of course, be achieved using a normal text channel.

  • ASA

    Two years later, and nothing :(.

    Seems that dev team don't use discord like the players.
    Imagine you playing a game like mmo and have a clan divided in some channels,
    Even if we create a text channel for each voice channel, will have so many trouble  in sending message to the right channel.

    Pls guys send us some feed back about this feature.
    It will be nice if when we join in a voice channel and a  text channel be visible only for that voice channel.



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