Upload Failed - Click Here to retry the upload (Will not let me upload)



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  • Sharpair

    Setting safety to yellow actually worked for me...nice.

  • I_Got_A_Bucket_Of_Chicken

    I have the same problem, but my file is 39 mb, since its a 7s video.

  • Ninja200000

    Use the gyazo app, it sends images and videos as links and viewers can see the image without opening the link, it's much more quicker and easier to use, lemme know if it helps

  • ShefDon

    aight time to give the best answer that i can
    the receiver goes to privacy and safety settings
    sets the setting to either red or yellow

  • SnigerJens

    png files are usually an issue for me to upload but if i convert it to jpeg its uploads it just fine.

  • Zech

    The same issues also happens when uploading GIF files, please how can i fix this? its annoying.

  • Keel

    I have the same problem

  • coscal

    I noticed that I can't send any non-image files (like text files etc) in Direct Messages to friends, but this only happens with the official app (Stable 93554 (3a8fa51) Host 0.0.15 Linux 64-Bit (5.11.0-25-Generic))...
    When I log onto the web browser version, the files will send fine... Huh...

    When i reinstalled Discord direct from the main website, as opposed to my app store, the app suddenly works for downloads, but now custom fonts on channels are not showing correctly. *SIGH*

  • LeDechaine

    Using NoScript? Just allow "storage.googleapis.com" and you'll be able to upload files again.

    I could not upload files for ONE YEAR... I.e.: When they started using "storage.googleapis.com" for that. I never thought about NoScript. Facepalm.

  • aderchox

    Same problem.

  • Bwechner

    Had this same inexplicable and ill described problem on the Discord app. So went to the web app, and it worked. 


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