Two Functions: Reply Function & Last-DM Function


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  • Dzeno

    This is I think the one main feature I'm missing in discord. Especially when planning something or working on some hobby projects with friends. I've been a telegram user for years and they have had it for years. For simple or one-time things I still use telegram since in those situations telegram is more organized and useful then discord. Specifically being able to reply to a message at the beginning of a conversation after people had a 50+ message conversation and you weren't there to reply what someone asked at the beginning (also there poll and list bots with easy implementation are useful but that's a platform difference).

    I really wish this was implemented as I see it happen all the time that some person asks question X to a few people and then a whole other conversation is held in which the questioner is involved. Good luck figuring out what is being replied to, especially if multiple questions are asked.

  • Andrei Florin

    It is already implemented, its called “quote”

  • Dzeno

    @Andrei Florin it is not. What is implemented is just a specific type of markdown, which is no different from bold or italic text in its functionality.

    Please read the first post again.

    You can also read my post here, which should clarify and show that it has not been implemented yet.

  • Psymon²

    !? how long as this "quote" been around for?
    it's halfway to what I'm ideally after.
    Dzeno's post covers the other aspects in good detail.

  • Natalia

    Hello! Any news about the reply boton? Please please! We need it! I am in a virtual class and people answer stuff to we don't know what.... It is a mess.... how are u doing to find the messages they are replying to? Thanks!!

  • Psymon²

    Just noticed there's also a "copy message link" option near the "quote" option.

    Combining the two is so very close to exactly what I'd hope for in a "reply" feature.


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