More payment methods for Nitro


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  • Jousseph 🙌🏼

    OML please discord I wanna be able to pay with paysafe card <3

  • Fishy Marlon

    I think the same way or just cards that can give you nitro at stores.

  • Qlimax

    and iDeal please!!

  • DerDas

    I have the same problem, please add paysafeCards and instant payments(Deutsch:Sofortüberweisung) and others. Or even Discord Gift Cards you can buy in the market!

  • Qlimax

    And iDeal please! That would be amazing.

  • Qlimax

    I totally agree with you. And not just paysafe and google pay. but also iDeal and more payment methods. 

  • xLive

    Yeah this will be a great idea if they add payment methods through Google Pay, such as carrier billing and Google Play credit

  • Neko

    Having redeemable codes would be really neat too, you know, as in buying a month of nitro for someone as a gift and such. 

  • Lance

    I agree with you, because Dutch people frequently use iDeal and have no creditcard. It's a country specific payment method though: if Discord wanted to stay minimalistic and would only like to have the big payment methods, they would probably just refer to PayPal and tell you to link up your bank account with it. I mean, that's what I did.

  • popeeyy

    I would like to see PayPal balance added to paypal. I don't have a credit card but I certainly do have Paypal Balance.

  • Ramin

    Use COIN PAYMENT !!!

    it support almost ALL popular Coins and you Get rid of value changes

  • Florian

    Dabbit Prime just merged literally every thread about payment methods into this one. However his "merging" process does not include my original post which had many points in detail, therefore and because some of the points/explanations I made are missing in this post, I am reposting my original post about payment methods as comment into this.


    Some regions like for example the DACH-Region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) got a much smaller credit card distribution, therefore they can't buy discord nitro or something from the discord store. 

    It would be nice to see some other payment methods like:

    • Klarna SOFORT > Supports direct payments from almost every bank in austria/germany
    • Paypal Wallet > Supporting direct wallet payments from paypal is a quick and easy way to benefit of paypal's already existing integrations for many banks
    • SEPA direct debit > Is supported by every bank in europe
    • Paysafecard > Can be bought at almost every gas station or store, so everyone could get one and pay with it, even tho I would not suggest to only use this one due to some "less good" business practises
    • Amazon pay > Pay using your amazon account and the linked payment methods, for example the epic store provides this.

    I've noticed in previous discussions that many people from outside don't know much about the cards here, so I'll do a quick explanation. Yes, we (in austria/germany) also have cards, but not common ones. We mostly have maestro- and "girocards" which both have almost no support. That's why we for example rely on solutions like Klarna SOFORT.

    Edit: Some people on the discord-feedback server told me that you use/used stripe, so I think it's worth to mention that they supports many of the payment methods above. With their entire set you'll probably cover almost everyone.

  • Spycoal

    Hey @XLive, Google Pay and Google Play payment's method are two separate things.

    Google Pay is kinda a way to pay wireless with your credit card using your phone, and is rather aimed at stores (although it's already included in Discord on Android).

    Although, I need to agree, I'd love to see Google Play credit and carrier billing too.

  • BrickyPL

    Great idea, Also look at this conversation in the suggestion server; here ends the conversation and I want to be able to purchase the nitro with Google PLAY, like google pay isn't the same thing as Google play balance, so for the developers: you did 1 wrong thingy. Nelly said we want it for Google PLAY, not pay.

  • Yuki1SE

    You could add more payment methods for nitro: PaySafe Card, Paypal Wallet, PayM, Cryptocurrencies and some more. 


                                     100% True (Add more payment methods)

  • ARTI

    Mobile payment or Googlepay payment method to accommodate people without credit cards or who can't use credit cards.

  • BritannicEgmo

    yes i want to pay in robux

  • Vec

    Yeah I really want to see PaySafe Card as a Payment Method concidering more people would support Discord by buying Discord Nitro, Discord should atleast add PaySafe Card.

  • SgtRatte

    PaySafeCard mit der Discord Nitro Karte . das wäre gut ,man sieht es bei anderen Plattformen das es mit karten geht .

    mache Person haben  das Problem das man keine Kreditkarte oder PayPal haben.

  • Moscow

    add it to where you can Buy nitro with google play

  • NeroLigth

    I Have no Idea how the Prices works in the Steam. But just having a converting will facilitate some issues to buy in Brazil.

  • Frosya

    go qiwi 

  • Elizabeth

    agreed! they should add more payment option other than credit card and paypal option, its would be really convenient for the users. 

  • Blastoise186
    This would be very interesting to see - and in fact it might also help users who are purely Mobile and never use Desktop (therefore cannot buy Nitro the usual way). Did you mean Google Play Balance rather than Google Pay (both could be possible though)?
  • Blastoise186
    This would be very interesting to see - and in fact it might also help users who are purely Mobile and never use Desktop (therefore cannot buy Nitro the usual way). Did you mean Google Play Balance rather than Google Pay (both could be possible though)?
  • Latz

    I hope discord staff sees this. Because at the moment you can't pay nitro without a credit card.

  • Dora

    Yeah, I agree.

  • PITR

    Some Discord moderator will mark this as dupe anyways

  • Hope

    For people, who are arguing about not adding Paysafecard as a Payment method because nitro is monthly:
    Paysafecard offers a service by the name of "mypaysafecard". With mypaysafecard, monthly subscriptions are possible to do.

  • MaxKing

    Qiwi and Paysafecard would be nice.



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