A Calendar system?


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  • Pride

    Please this would help so much, events viewable by roles and frankly it could just be a "channel" servers could opt in/out of. its basically the biggest thing discord is lacking to be an all in one gaming community discord.

  • 宇真

    We need google calendar integrated with discord.

  • zzzkappa

    just worked on this for writing a request for an implmentation like that.... obviously i wasn´t the first one with that idea - i really like a lot of other ideas here!

    I was thinking about a system to react to certain events (these could be hooked to et further information)

    The combination with google would be the best thing i could possibly image right now. Tagging people and an option to demand reactions would be cool as well!
    In smaller teams the icons of participating people could be inserted in the colums if there is enough space left.

    Oh and it would be so cool to have "official" calenders that you can subscribe to - just to be up to date with the SSBU tourneys for example - or when a channel you follow posts a new event... just to be sure not to miss them and skip the act of looking through all the forums to get info on when tourneys start.


  • Rabbi_Perfected

    I feel like this might be the single most important feature you could add to Discord. It could not have escaped you that clans use Discord, but the clans (and especially very large clans) would REALLY benefit from an integrated calendar system for event and meeting scheduling.

  • Barfolomew

    I would add:

    - Allow members of the server to sign up for events

    - Allow creators to create recurring events

    - Allow creators to make event groupings (A group for raid team events, a group for social events, a group for Heroes of the Storm events, etc), so that members can filter out events that do not pertain to them

    - Allow creatures to enable in-app reminders, sent to anyone who chooses to receive them. "Your event 'Warcraft Pet Battle Tournament' begins in 10 minutes!"

    - Allow members to view by day, by week, or by month

  • Q44/Uwe

    It´s possible to install a calendar-function?

    We need it to organize your clanmeetings and trainingdays.


  • Koba

    YES, that would make me leave enjin for good!

  • Vorxy

    I really love being organized. This feature would bring warmth to my heart lol

  • Blastoise186
    This does sound useful to me for a few different purposes. I can see it being used in organising gaming sessions and also scheduling live streams, so that everyone can quickly see when they're planned for.
  • Droideka and AT-AP when?

    Yes I would love this too. So many times I have missed events because I don't have time to visit their website. This would bring me back and closer to my clan. I haven't played with them for a while anymore which is a shame but I work 40 hours a week on different hours so its hard to keep track on what they do

  • Ghost

    We've been begging for this as well. Using in game calendars or just blasting messages is such a hassle. One built into the discord we all already use for communication would be outstanding, especially if it also did notifications to mobile and computer.

  • Bishop

    Hey Kappa!

    What exactly is this witchcraft you are showing us?  Is this something you have implemented into Discord somehow?  This looks exactly like what we all need or have asked for!  How does this work?



  • asb

    Upvoted, really like this idea and before seeing this I’v requested something similar myself https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360035228091-Channel-Events

  • del33t

    Upvoted the request but also wanted to comment to say that the people still want this!


    I help run a smaller esports organization with teams in multiple games. Every one of those teams have a practice schedule and/or an on-going scheduling of scrims, events, etc. Right now we utilize webhooks and integration with Google Sheets + Forms. However, the addition of a calendar add-on to the chat system as an 'object' or something of the sorts would be suuuuper useful and make the system we use currently less janky.


    Hopefully this gets the attention it deserves! Looking forward to it :)

  • hammo

    I very rarely post ; but this would be awesome. Slot it in your next iteration. Do it! I’d happily pay for it.

  • Bishop

    I'm pretty sure there is no update to be had. They haven't said they are working on one.

    I mean, even Guilded has a built in Calendar system..

  • justinywj

    Please make this a thing. Discord is a community platform, and a community platform doesn't really work without an ability to organise people!

  • Zarkeh

    As a side note, many of our guild's raid teams have their own channels. This would also help them in raid planning.

  • The Rip

    A calendar feature would be simple for a dedicated appdev. the code is out there Discord.. make it work for the users. If need be for the contributors, ask us to crowdsource your dev costs... since the $ I've been paying for years seems to be not for development but rather for sustaining status quo.


  • Arcadious

    Came across this thread as I was going to submit the same suggestion. Entire communities exist within Discord, I'd love a way to coordinate times for us to hop on and play together! 

  • Carrot

    This would be SO useful. Events get buried in announcement channels. It'd be so much more organized to have a calendar show whats planned within the server. 

  • BORK

    Chiming in to say I also want this.

  • Mada

    +1 i want a calendar for discord is a priority

  • Sanborn

    This doesn't have enough votes, this should be a top priority for Discord.

  • Noc

    If Discord does not want to lose people to Guilded, this should be added.

  • Aeon

    Additionally consider Google Calendar integration.

  • Myles

    This is a fantastic suggestion!

  • Bishop

    Yes please!  This is seriously needed.  Discord has been out for quite a while now, and even Guilded has a calendar system, just not the same functionality.  Meshing of the two would be ideal.

  • Droideka and AT-AP when?

    WOW zzzKappa Thats exactly what we need!!!!

    Discord devs please!!

  • Blastoise186
    This is a really cool thing and I'd love to think of so many ingenious ways to use it! Plus it would be so handy to organise tons of things with my servers

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