Clearing Direct Message Option


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  • pepp

    I seriously, full-heartedly agree. 

  • Toshbntz

    I had someone send me an inappropriate photo and now I can't delete it from my DMs. I can close it but I can't remove it. We need to be able to delete messages or photos from DM.

  • pepp

    I have a similar situation, and it would be amazing if that was a thing on discord.

  • n n

    seriously don't understand why this isn't a feature, you have to run code through python right now to get rid of everything and it takes ridiculously long

  • suicidal blob

    Such a nice idea!

  • n n

    it's ridiculous that to do this you need to enable developer mode and run a script in the console and just hope it works how it's supposed to. even if it's just from your side, almost any other messaging app will let its users batch delete things. Even deleting your entire account doesn't get rid of them

  • JackWade

    Discord seriously needs to allow users to delete their messages in bulk. This is a privacy issue. My messages were intended for one-time use for the intended recipient (s).

  • 𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔜


    plz add delete DM message

  • Dirpitz ♥

    There should be an option to clear DM's enitirely on both sides even if just your messages.perfect example would be Ex's 

  • Embe13PC

    Agreed. It's nice to "think" we stay friends forever but the fact is sometimes you wanna get rid of instances in your life where you communicated with someone who is no longer part of it; and, at those times you want a clean slate. There is no reason to keep these messages -- it's just lazy data management. It's also a huge liability. Your users can and will leave the app if they are concerned about it -- I know I am considering it. 

    BUT BEFORE I WALK OFFICIALLY, I'm into developing solutions, so let's invest in an answer:

    If the Bulk Delete requires too many database calls, then discord developers should create a bot or service that users can pay to access which will clear the DMs incrementally at an acceptable number-- but automatically. Therefore, the user is not tasked with going in and manually applying it to longer DM sessions with more messages. This should be easy one-time request by the user even if the process of deletion itself is spread out over time. This would make balance of calls on server manageable and offer the best user experience.

    Additionally, I would like to point out, the process should specifically DELETE the messages, so that whomever you exchanged messages with also does not have access to your communication -- not just delete them from view in your personal user account. This I believe strongly, is a privacy issue. If the intent was to give someone content that they always had in their possession, the user would have emailed that content to the other individual, not chosen to use a digital distribution chat channel. There is a inferred consent with choice of communication medium/channel, and you have to remember that. And, you already have the staff to do what I recommend, just hand the project off to the Trust and Safety Team so it's done right.

    THERE - I just fixed your problem for you and created an additional value-added revenue stream for you -- you might owe me money :) . I'll settle for you fixing this existing hole in an otherwise valuable application, because my fingers are getting cramps from deleting all these DMs one by one.

  • R_box


    I have the same situation



  • Art

    How is this not a feature already??

  • ty for broken promises 🦂

    Definitely agree with you as well, I’ve spent hours deleting a conversation once. Why can’t discord update to delete an entire conversation, or select the conversation to delete multiple messages?

  • Razzle My Tazzle

    This is also just a feature almost any other chat service has, it's called privacy for the user. But discord for some reason wants to keep all of the data when it'd be far nicer if when you deleted your account it actually deleted everything ever said or if they let you decide to clear dm chat history in general so you didn't have massive back logs of data you don't necessarily want or need.

  • JonTron is Back!!!


  • Brooklyn

    i agree its quite frustrating when you have all these dms you havent touched in forever just sitting there! even skype has delete options.. step up your game discord...


  • YandereKrys549

    yes please....

  • Speedy

    this seriously needs to be a feature already. there are some conversations that i would like to completely delete.

  • AzuAzu

    I would REALLY appreciate this, HOW is it not available already?

    We want privacy, we don't want to see inappropriate things that get sent to us, or friendships end and we'd rather delete a chat history (on both sides please). If I want a chat history completely obliterated, it should be included. My privacy isn't being valued without this option present. A lot of my friends also want this feature and some become disheartened or angry from having to continue seeing ex friends' messages still there.


    Please create an option for this, Discord. We'd all appreciate it.





  • Ceus


    I believe the user is referring to an in person relationship where the abusive party is monitoring what that person is doing on Discord. If abusee is unable to clear their messages, the abuser will see those messages and potentially act out.

    I can understand the concern.

  • Aoeurass

    im finding now that i cant delete inappropriate messages i was sent great ty so much like i want that in my discord for eternity



  • wesker

    This would be nice in regular forums as well.  a limit with a "load earlier messages" button

  • Serendipiti

    How is this isn't a feature yet? I really REALLY NEED THIS FEATURE on discord already! So annoying this isn't on there yet. Please make this happen :(

  • UNIT

    I agree with you, person known as gay.
    I want to permenately get rid of all of my chats that arent with mutuals and others

  • Возможность полностью удалять переписку необходима, так же как и отдельное удаление сообщений собеседника, а не только личных. В этом есть большая необходимость для пользователей Discord 

  • f0x

    Please alot of us will be needing this even if its just our own copy of the dm.

  • Kevin Carbonara

    I can't believe there isn't an option already. This is a very serious security concern - it's far too easy for a new user to gain access to a server, crawl through the messages, and search them for personal info. And if a user is banned from a server, they can't even delete messages manually anymore. There needs to be a bulk delete option directly from Discord, and it needs to be available, even if you don't have access to the server anymore.

  • graceangel

    I need this feature a lot. I want to reset all my dms back to a fresh slate.

  • ∆デズ∆

    Don't forget to upvote this post so it gets seen!


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