server that doesn't receive notification if there are more than 2,500 people


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  • Blastoise186
    I wouldn't recommend this personally. If you had Full Alerts sent to your phone for such a big server, I would strongly suspect you'd obliterate either your data allowance or battery from the non-stop alerts coming through.
  • ValheruWolf

    Actually I think you might have half missed his point. 

    He has a giant server, lets say he is a MOD, and there is a MOD only channel,  all the other channels should default mute which we all understand and agree,  he wants to override that for the MOD channel so he knows when others are talking and he needs to be one coordinating with them.  I agree with this,  Should be able to manually override the notifications for channels even with an auto server mute.  Also agree it needs limited to channels, and maybe a warning pop-up about huge server size and not recommended due to possible amount of messages.

      If discord needs to, feel free to put a limit on how many notifications a channel can send you to help with data limits, 

  • Gullible Noob

    I'm a mod in a server. We recently crossed over 2500 and I stopped getting mobile notifications. The weird thing is I'm the only one that seems to be effected.

  • Muus

    I would also love to be able to receive phone notifications regardless of the size of the server. This is so lame.
    Maybe keep it like this as default, but give the people the option to change if they want it...

  • arpitthehero

    This is a duplicate of Feedback. If you want to feedback to be implemented, upvote in the following Feedback as it has more up votes.

  • k_sze

    The notification threshold should never have been about server size in the first place. It's utterly unjustified from a UX point of view.

    A server could have thousands upon thousands of users and still be very quiet, and then when messages are posted, they may actually be very important and people wouldn't want to miss them.

    If any threshold is implemented at all, it should have been something like a max number of notifications per hour, per server, per channel, and/or per sender, controllable by each user.

  • Sygrest

    Is there any workarounds like another server client or even a mobile pwa so it could bypass this?


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