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  • jw
    safari on iOS simply has too many limitations-- this is actually a really appropriate use case for an app. The app is considerably faster and more stable than a mobile web client will ever be.
  • pengoo

    chrome is better :D, also why would you even get an iphone??? and why if you did then why wouldn't you be able to get the app.

  • 私はキタノスです7

    yesss i think safari discord on iphone would be really helpful... uwu

  • who tha lil boy on tha block'

    For example I need discord for safari bc i cant get the app... i forgot my apple id password and now i cant install anything so please go mind your own buisness

  • who tha lil boy on tha block'


  • jaspy ☽

    I do think that safari should be another discord platform you can play on. Let’s just say that your iCloud takes up too much storage, you can at least have discord on safari by your side at anytime. It would be more eligible to access.

  • Mishiro.exe

    I love discord but don’t have enough storage to get the mobile app. The safari version has been very limiting and I am unable to successfully connect to voice. I’m hoping that you please consider making safari a platform to use. 👍

  • rundledog

    If only all thought this through before considering the Store, there's benefits on both sides it shouldn't matter what device you're on!

  • Justine

    Like my mom has a password on the family iPad so i cant just randomly download apps from the app store. She has to put the password each time she downloads an app but she doesn't like discord but my dad doesn't mind it but she says no since its her iPad. And I'm not getting any younger, soon I'm gonna move on from discord and go make real friends but i at least wanna have fun while I'm young and so do these other people. Its not fair on them that they have either a very strict life where their parents won’t let them socialize on apps like discord and other people that can use it whenever they want. What I'm saying is at least let us have something fun in our life before it has to disappear. Not many of us have much time. Please? Thank you. And goodbye.


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