More Blocking Features (Private Account Option)


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  • Greem

    Agreed. It's always so tempting to click to see what they said. :P

  • original kek

    Disagree. All blocked members should be seen.

  • Artel

    Agreed. This is so obnoxious to deal with. It's practically the same size as a regular message plus the equivalent of highlighting the message for you to click on it.

    EDIT: I have no idea what happened to the original post; the original post spoke of removing the "X blocked message(s)" from your chat if you've blocked someone. The new post doesn't seem to even remotely touch on that subject, so I suppose someone from the team manually replaced it, in which case: No. Don't do that.

  • original kek, we said 'an option', meaning you could see it if you wanted. 


    I was just going to make this request myself. 

    "You can hide the games tab, you can enable developer mode. This could be implemented alongside another toggle button in 'appearance', so that the people who want it gone, can have it gone."

    Several Discord plug-ins have managed to implement this as a feature, so I would presume it is within the capabilities of the Discord Development team to implement it as well.

  • thunder33345

    blocking should be related to empowering yourself WITHOUT affecting others

    now what if someone just joins a server and block all the mods then cant they get away with EVERYTHING??

  • Pjosip

    Yeah, if I block somebody I want them gone from my life.
    Seeing they're there and doing things but unable to see exactly what is more annoying than not blocking them.

  • Mike9090

    So basically a block that doesn't show them existing because you can't ignore a 'hidden message' thing

  • wAffles
    block the user if you would not like to receive calls from them
  • Beloved 🍋(●˙w˙●) 🍋

    yes, shockingly thats what 'block' means

  • spoon

    Hey, ben. I suggest it more for groups. You know... When someone call a group it calls everyone in there. Got it? And why not giving more possibilities? ;)

  • memes

    Came here to suggest the same thing.

    For the most part, if one wishes to block someone, it is because it is hard to tune them out - they are upsetting or aggravating.

    Having "blocked message" flash up every time they comment does not particularly help, and the temptation to unhide their comments is strong. 

    This is particularly important if one is blocking someone in order to avoid saying things in retaliation.

    I'd love it if there were a "hide" feature that operates like the current block feature, and a proper block which makes their comments wholly invisible and with no "blocked message" notification.

  • thunder33345
    i disagree, i believe that blocking should empower the user WITHOUT affecting anyone, even the users begin blocked should be affected as minimally as possible, and i think that allowing hiding of messages is taking that too far what if i just wanna block someone, i dont care that they see my message they are just begin annoying and i dont want to see them, now tho i have no option but either also have him cant read my messages or live with his annoying messages and what about abusing it to block all mods+bots? now great i can spam as much as i will, i just need to block anyone i suspect that will tip it off to mods even for non mods, in some community members have connections to mods, calling them to ban spammer even if they them self have no permissions, so just a "dont hide for this user if they have X perm" isnt very ideal either
  • avatarprotocol

    Not sure why this is being downvoted, because that's how standard blocking works in every other app

  • PyroFox

    They should at least rename it to "hide" if they're going to deviate from the standard implementation of blocking

  • Koba

    Probably not, as it would not be possible to enforce across multiple servers

    You can only block DMs, but if you are in the same server, tough luck...

  • memes

    Definitely, though I'd make it smaller again, keep the font colour even closer to that of the background. Would also be fantastic if the font colour of the message underneath were the same as the background, rendering it invisible without also highlighting it.


    Though personally I'd prefer to at least have the option of losing notifications in order to have an actual block feature.

  • memes

    Badly needed.


    If it is not possible to totally remove it, it could at least be far smaller and less visually obtrusive, with the message underneath in a font which is the same colour as the background so one would have to go to the additional hassle of highlighting it to view it.


    But users should have the option to have a true block feature, even if they have to lose notifications to use it - we can always use the search function if we're *that* obsessed with getting every little scrap addressed to us.


    Also, automute of blocked members in voice chat, and the option to stop them from being able to hear the person who has blocked them.



  • Ben

    Definitely agree. This should be considered a bug really.

  • Nazo

    YES PLEASE, the only reason I ever block anyone is so I don't have to see whatever obnoxious shit they're saying, since in a server environment I can't just avoid them

  • Leonardо

    I wonder why Discord staff choosed to use a huge "blocked message" thing, is it hard to hide in the actual code? they have some hope that me and the blocked person would start to talk again?

  • buenaventura

    I also want this, it just makes the blocked person more noticeable for me when I want my chat to be free of them.

  • blargle

    I can only imagine the folks downvoting this are doing so in order to continue abusing people

  • starmomma

    Agreed. I don’t want someone see what I says on any general on any servers. I just found out about it on few days ago. I been blocked that person for few months that I thought someone can’t see what I says but not. Hopefully discord add like this. 

  • P4riah

    yes please.

    blocking should also truly hide all of the blocked users posts so you dont even know they exist, instead of that stupid giant button that says 'hey, we wanted to remind you that this person you cant stand exists and is in this space with you. you blocked them but we put this huge button so you're tempted to read their bullsh*t. you know you want to.'

    block should mean block. complete invisibility both ways.

  • TheCatAddict

    Agreed. With some mods being friends with the person I want blocked its impossible not to have run ins. Please make this a feature - <3 your supporting nitro member

  • Bazingarrey


    When i block someone i want to forget they even exist!

  • zakblood

    if i can't block sex sites from coming into our gaming site permanently, then it's time we left this place and went elsewhere, as no way to report, remove or permanently block these spammers are getting beyond a joke, this isn't a app most on our end are wishing to use anymore with it filled with such idiots and spammers, so either fix it, or we all leave and go elsewhere, to something else which hopefully works better, without the poor rules and idiots and pay sex sites spammers


  • OutOfCyan

    Where is this feature? It seems extremely easy to implement. There's no valid reason not to have this except laziness.

  • Levelex

    If you really want this feature please Send it to everyone you know! It will help alot!

  • Just Your Average Male

    Make it so that moderators can see your messages even if you block them like YouTube.


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