More Blocking Features (Private Account Option)


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  • Pjosip

    Yeah, if I block somebody I want them gone from my life.
    Seeing they're there and doing things but unable to see exactly what is more annoying than not blocking them.

  • Artel

    Agreed. This is so obnoxious to deal with. It's practically the same size as a regular message plus the equivalent of highlighting the message for you to click on it.

    EDIT: I have no idea what happened to the original post; the original post spoke of removing the "X blocked message(s)" from your chat if you've blocked someone. The new post doesn't seem to even remotely touch on that subject, so I suppose someone from the team manually replaced it, in which case: No. Don't do that.

  • avatarprotocol

    Not sure why this is being downvoted, because that's how standard blocking works in every other app

  • blargle

    I can only imagine the folks downvoting this are doing so in order to continue abusing people

  • P4riah

    yes please.

    blocking should also truly hide all of the blocked users posts so you dont even know they exist, instead of that stupid giant button that says 'hey, we wanted to remind you that this person you cant stand exists and is in this space with you. you blocked them but we put this huge button so you're tempted to read their bullsh*t. you know you want to.'

    block should mean block. complete invisibility both ways.

  • zero

    when i block someone, i want them to stop seeing my messages. that's what blocking means.

    the fact people i block can still see me and interact with me is scary, tbh.

  • Anarasha

    I really don't even see the problem here. Any other service and social media has a good blocking system that works exactly like people in this thread suggest. It's a tried and true system.


    To address some of the concerns as I see them:

    But what if I like it as it is now?
    - Discord staff can add soft block(as it is now) and hard block(as it is literally everywhere else) to make as many people as possible happy. Pretty sure soft block will be a lonely button though.

    But what about people who block admins in servers?
    - Like literally everwhere else, admins will still be able to see the person's posts. Easy to add through permissions.

    But invasion of privacy that you can't completely block a mod!!!
    - Tough titties, if you want total privacy, get rid of all your electronics. Privacy has always been limited online.

    People should still be able to see and interact with you even though you blocked them. It's not their fault you blocked them
    - ... Why though? If you dislike someone and want to cut off all communications with them, that should be your choice.

    This is a communications service, not a Leftbook Facebook page. Not hurting someone else's feelings shouldn't take priority over your own mental health and actually getting to decide who you interact with and who you want to see your messages. If you want a complete safe space where everyone's feelings are the ultimate thing that you can never curl a hair on, I'm sure there are servers that suit you where blocking each other is against the rules and will get you booted out.

    Stalkers are a thing, and you can't do a single thing about them as Discord works now except leave whatever server you share and hope they don't find you again. And being forced to leave a server just to get peace of mind shouldn't be the preferable choice over normal blocking. I refer back to soft and hard blocks I mentioned above to keep happy the people who don't want to hurt the blocked person's feelings. And to prevent abusing the system by unblocking someone, lopping an insult and then blocking them again, do like Facebook and add something like a 24 hour cooldown after you unblock someone.

    I don't want it to change because change is bad!
    - Your life must be tough and I sympathize. But change happens.

  • Beloved 🍋(●˙w˙●) 🍋

    My thread was also merged into this one.

    I agree we need a proper blocking service. What Discord has now is a glorified soft block that only hides messages under a 'do you want to read this?' button. This doesn't do anything. Every other site has a proper block feature, Facebook may have the best one. You don't know ___ exists and they don't know you exist and can't find you or see anything you do or say on anyone elses pages.

    Everyone here panicking about 'WHAT WILL THIS DO TO SERVERS?!? THIS WILL RUIN DISCORD!?!?' If someone blocks a mod on a server that mod would still be able to see and manage their posts and membership in that server but not DM them. This can protect people both ways. If someone's abusing their power the Mod can kick or ban them. If the mod is abusing their power they can't harass the affected party. Like this isn't that complicated. Plus if you block the person who's hosting the server you should probably be auto removed from the server as I'd have no idea why someone would stay. Nobody would have free reign with reckless abandon. 

    If you block another member in a server their username shouldn't show up. You shouldn't be able to see them or they you. You shouldn't have the option to see their messages, and if they're in a voice chat your audio should be muted to each other. 

    The fact that people you block can still see everything you do makes literally no sense and doesn't protect anyone or prevent any ill interactions.

  • memes

    Came here to suggest the same thing.

    For the most part, if one wishes to block someone, it is because it is hard to tune them out - they are upsetting or aggravating.

    Having "blocked message" flash up every time they comment does not particularly help, and the temptation to unhide their comments is strong. 

    This is particularly important if one is blocking someone in order to avoid saying things in retaliation.

    I'd love it if there were a "hide" feature that operates like the current block feature, and a proper block which makes their comments wholly invisible and with no "blocked message" notification.

  • PyroFox

    They should at least rename it to "hide" if they're going to deviate from the standard implementation of blocking

  • Greem

    Agreed. It's always so tempting to click to see what they said. :P

  • starmomma

    Agreed. I don’t want someone see what I says on any general on any servers. I just found out about it on few days ago. I been blocked that person for few months that I thought someone can’t see what I says but not. Hopefully discord add like this. 

  • Bazingarrey


    When i block someone i want to forget they even exist!

  • OutOfCyan

    Where is this feature? It seems extremely easy to implement. There's no valid reason not to have this except laziness.

  • Sammysam

    Yes please this is really needed. I left servers to specifically get away from somebody but now they joined again a server I'm on and I really wished they could not see me and specifically not my messages If I blocked somebody there is a reason and I would prefer them to not be able to screenshot messages from me or similar stuff. As things are now only way for me is to leave another server. I just don't want them to be able to interact with me nor to see my messages at all. That our own messages aren't hidden from the blocked person is worse than being shown that there are hidden messages from them abd honestly makes the blocking tool pretty useless in the end.

  • Sammysam

    Also hide my messages from the blocked person please. I seriously feel uncomfortable that certain people I blocked may be able to screenshot my messages after I blocked them to cause me harm. Hell there are reasons that I block people and always being forced to leave servers because a blocked person ends up following me around/is part of the same circles kinda sucks.

  • Exphen

    When i block someone, i want them gone from my account, it's as easy as it gets. I don't want to see "blocked messages" i don't want to see his username anymore, i seriously don't know how the devs couldn't think of that in the first place. Thanks OP for the topic, more options would be appreciated

  • memes

    Badly needed.


    If it is not possible to totally remove it, it could at least be far smaller and less visually obtrusive, with the message underneath in a font which is the same colour as the background so one would have to go to the additional hassle of highlighting it to view it.


    But users should have the option to have a true block feature, even if they have to lose notifications to use it - we can always use the search function if we're *that* obsessed with getting every little scrap addressed to us.


    Also, automute of blocked members in voice chat, and the option to stop them from being able to hear the person who has blocked them.



  • Leonardо

    I wonder why Discord staff choosed to use a huge "blocked message" thing, is it hard to hide in the actual code? they have some hope that me and the blocked person would start to talk again?

  • Just Your Average Male

    Make it so that moderators can see your messages even if you block them like YouTube.

  • Togusa

    Agreed sammysam8891 - If you block someone, it should be like locking a door.  Communication should be prevented both ways.

    And I'm adding my voice to the original request: "Don't show those '1 blocked message' notifications."  At best, give users a settings option to show that or to completely block the user - to not show any trace of them anymore.

    The current system is like having the offending person standing in front of you waving their arms while you have your hands over your ears.

    EDIT: As Artel pointed out on page 1, the original post has been changed.  Apparently the Discord admins like to sow confusion.  My support is mainly for completely removing / hiding the "n blocked messages" notifications.  I'm having second thoughts about preventing the blocked user from seeing my posts, though, since I agree that that can be open to abuse.

    I also support the blocking of voice chat between the blocked and the blocker.  -T

  • Tall Bird

    I'd really like to see this supported. While I realise that I have the option to 'Not Click', constantly dangling this notification of 'This person you don't want to talk to said something!' seems like it's completely unnecessary. 

  • remy

    still supporting this after two+ years. it's unbelievably frustrating that discord both refuses to implement this and disallows users to use custom client-side css to do it themselves. please do better.

  • princessant

    I second this thread. I recently cut off one of my friends because our relationship had grown increasingly unhealthy. As such, I do not want to be visible to him. I want to be able to share my status (although by reading this thread, it seems that status is indeed displayed as invisible to those you have blocked) and my messages and my life with those who I choose to do so with. Blocking him on Discord would, as I understand it now, still allow him to see any messages I send in shared spaces. I'm also in various servers that deal with identity, and if he were to join one of those servers, as it stands now, he would be able to see the labels (through roles) I put upon myself. All of these are things that he should not have the right to know.

    I have unfriended him, but I specifically have not blocked him because I do not want his messages to disappear. I need those messages to defend myself in case he or someone else tries to gaslight me (I unfortunately know him and have to share certain common spaces with him in real life) and convince me that whatever he said to me over the past few months wasn't that bad, or that I said something in a conversation that I did not say. I need a record of what actually happened and was said.

    I am fortunate, for the time being, that he has not chosen to harass me on Discord specifically, although he has on other platforms (and if he chooses to do so on Discord, I may have no choice but to block him).

    Many other people in this thread have mentioned that they do not want the other person to see their messages if they've blocked them. I actually kind of just want options.

    1. The option to hide YOUR direct messages, past, from being viewable to them.
    2. The option to hide your messages from the person you blocked in a shared server, past or future.
    3. The option to hide their messages from your DM if you block them.

    I had previously suggested that chats should be saveable. After reading this thread, this no longer seems like a good idea to me.

    (also, as a final note, someone in this or another thread mentioned that this is a safety concern for girls. I am a girl, and my ex-friend is a guy. However, this is a problem for EVERYONE. People of any gender can be abusive and obsessive and stalkerish, and people of every gender should be able to have their online presence protected from those who would harass them).


    Edit: Updated post after this message was moved into this larger thread to reflect consideration of the views in this thread. You guys have lots of ideas!

  • FoxinAround

    This is such a basic feature. I truly don't understand why it doesn't already exist. We need a true block feature already!!

  • buenaventura

    I also want this, it just makes the blocked person more noticeable for me when I want my chat to be free of them.

  • memes

    Telling someone to ignore blocked messages totally misses the point of having a block feature - if it were easy to just tune a particular person out and not be upset by them, there would be no need to block them.

  • Rahuruk

    Keep pushing this until they implement a way to not show an entire god damn wall of "1 blocked message" that is worse than just seeing their comments in the first place.

    You don't have to remove it entirely, just let give us the option to turn that crap off.

  • Swamp

    Better scenario. Some freak you know in real life is trying to follow your actions and see what you are doing. I see this as a safety concern for girls. Discord devs should do this for the last example I gave. Discord is about the only social aplication that I know of that does not secure the privacy of its users well.

  • blargle

    "privilege of privacy from someone you dislike" is such a malicious wording of what we want.  The features we're asking for are required for the safety of vulnerable users, especially those of us who have already been victimized in meatspace by other users.


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