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  • Margot


  • VitaminTHC

    since webhooks could be shared amongst several data providers, you will have to somehow put security in place.

    my suggestion would be:


  • FireController#1847

    Would love to see this implemented! :D

  • AnishDoesDev

    Currently, whenever you follow a channel and the channels msg is edited, the webhook msg is edited. So they seem to have some internal system somewhere.

  • VitaminTHC


    Sure, allowing follow for community servers is a nice addition, but does NOT answer our requests or our needs for this request, at least not mine.

    The issue with follow is, that the way it posts is noisy, and has not much options. And in fact they are just simply webhooks, so adding that piece of code with the security wrapper around it should be quite easy.

    Webhooks are way more flexible depending on how you utilize them. I am running a bot for some time that takes advantage of webhooks and cc's posting into 'feed' chans, and the amount of subscribers for webhooks is much higher then the amount of discords the bot is in.

  • AnishDoesDev

    @VitaminTHC never said it satisfied our request -.-

    All I said was the internal endpoints exist and they just need to open them/document them.

  • lululombard

    We're currently writing a translation bot and we kind of need this to edit the translated message if the original message is edited.

    Here's a preview of our bot:

    Now as you see we're using a bot to read messages but we're posting using a webhook so we can re-use the original author's name and avatar, that's why we'd need to update the message.

  • mirrorteru

    +1, would love to see this implemented. I use the Tupperbox bot, and being able to edit the messages on it would improve its functionality immensely.

  • VitaminTHC

    Turns out this feature actually already exists but has not been documented yet.

    Be aware that this means that someone with access to your webhook can edit/delete ANY message created by it, so don't share the url.


  • qaisjp

    OMG this is fantastic!!!!!


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