Display played time in a game


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  • The Meme Lord

    Steam tells you how many hours you have on every game you've downloaded on Steam. It doesn't do this on any other program, so why doesn't Discord have this? Discord does record how much you play a game in one sitting. ("EatThatPie -Playing Minecraft for 4 hours") But it does not tell you how many hours you have on that game in total. 

    Even in Discord's game library it tells me the last time I played a game. How hard can it be to add another column that tells you how many hours that you have played that game for?

    It would be neat if you could set the number of hours to be public so your friends could see it. Discord would be a first to do this and it would be a nice feature.

    Discord has its own game store so it is slowly turning into its own unique gaming-based instant messaging system, similar to steam. Discord was made gamers so why wouldn't it have this feature?

  • Arissel

    I think this is a really cool idea. I've always wondered why Discord doesn't have that kind of feature.

  • Pilleus

    I think Discord would be the best home for this feature. With all of it's integrations already. If only it could work with PlayStation too, then I'd be set.

  • CelestialRainbows

    I always spend alot of time binging a game and I find it embarrassing to have everyone see how long I've been sitting there in the one game. If added give it a toggle so that I can hide it.

  • CR_Avila

    I was also going to ask the same, I would absolutely love that!

  • ToyHugs

    Very good idea !

  • Vortex1000

    It shows how long you've been playing something already if you click on your profile, if you're not playing a game that is linked with discord it may not show though!

  • colddrew

    This would be a great addition! Like when you click on the game title how it has the description and such it could show total hours played there on that menu.

  • MattW
    I mean, I don't really feel the need for this, only because game statistics and stuff like that sort of belong on the actual game platforms themselves. With that said it might be a nice addition to the games tab
  • ShadowX


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