Favourite Emotes / Set which servers are displayed on the top



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  • Keel

    epic times gamer

    good idea

  • monikaS

    Yes, please!

  • wAffles
    this is now being tested in canary!
  • wAffles
    don't mind my previous comment, I misspoke as a misread an announcement. They're testing a gif picker not favorite emojis. My apologies
  • dawg

    shhit idea


  • bigboipascal

    That way you can select the emotes you love instead of spamming them for easy acess

  • FilmorthTestBoi

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing so I came here looking for people with similar ideas or posts. Didn't really find any other than this one. But I'd love to have the ability to pin or "favourite" emotes that I use a lot so they always show up first. Or being able to disable certain emotes because they're copies from other servers, that way only one of them will pop up when it wants to autocomplete your emote. 

  • animal

    yes please

  • Isabel
    How would this appear in the app?
  • chloroform chloe

    This is useless, how about you just search for an emote.

  • Tamako

    You can just order the server own-emotes like through their emotion or something, if there are many emotes on a server especially on mobile everything is really chaotic with those emotes.

  • Tamako

    I mean sort not order sry

  • tylerkade

    God yes

  • Feyre

    As someone who is in a bunch of servers for just emotes, I would really like this. Please!

  • NotJack

    I condone

  • SecondSun

    This is the feature I've been waiting for!

  • loot

    I actually just tweeted about wanting this feature. I would absolutely love this because I've found my way into a good number of servers in the past few years and the sorting algorithm pushes my personal nitro emote servers to the bottom of the list.

    Being able to set the standard 50 emotes of your choice up top above everything else would make it a lot easier to use the emotes you like instead of having to rely on the sometimes inaccurate "frequently used" feature (can't tell you how many times I've had an emote I've used a single time stuck in there until the next update clears them out).

  • NotPorgu

    I agree, this would be so awesome to have with nitro. Maybe users could only favorite 50 emotes or so, much like the limit they have for servers and frequently used

  • kitty

    Agree. Recently used is useless. Favourite would be much better.

  • kenmore

    Definitely bump to this idea. I would suggest to remove "Frequently Used" altogether and replace it with "Recently Used" and just have it be 1 row, the last 10 emojis you have used.

    Then another section which is "Favorites" which you get to customize.

  • index.ts
    If you drag the server to the top of the list, it will move that server's emojis to the top (at least on Desktop and iOS...I was told Android doesn't do this)
  • djradnad

    please make this, I spammed alot of minesweepers and now the numbers wont leave my most frequent, even after some suprassed them in the "view all emote area" when i try to type out an emote, it still favors those other ones. also, with this customizable idea for the frequently used area, would help when using multiple devices or after powerwashing a device. for many reasons, this should be made. 

  • jasoncollege24

    I agree this is needed. The recents list is totally not useful. I've only used maybe 3-4 different emojis since first joining Discord, and not a single one of those emojis shows up in Frequently Used, so that feature is useless.

  • Nat(Skorpina18) 🌹悪い狼🐺

    Yes please! With Nitro I have almost 2k emotes and there's a lot more than 20 that I frequently use, but I always have to either memorize their names or scroll through the lists to get them. Please Discord!❤️

  • Titus

    I second this notion it would be a great idea

  • almostsuspense
    very good idea
  • legamer66

    geart idea

  • DjKettara

    I quite like this idea, especially as the frequently used emojis on my servers seem to reset every other day - to the point that we literally made a channel just to spam emojis to get them back on the frequented list. It would also be nice to be capable of hiding emojis we have no interest in: especially for those who don't use emojis for almost everything we do.

  • Lark

    Why isn't this a thing. Not having it defeats the purpose of having nitro, gotta scroll through 10 servers of emotes to get to the ones i want. Takes so long I may as well not use an emote.

  • gilfordtan

    Yes please. It's a pain for Nitro users to scroll down to search for an emote every time we wish to use one. Search helped a bit but favorited or pinned is much better. If you can do it for favorite GIFs, I'm sure you can do the same for emotes. Making this more convenient for Nitro users will also help enticing more users to buy Nitro so please seriously consider this. Thank you for reading.


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