Allow Voice Chat Through Phone Speaker not earpiece


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    I have a problem like this. Im using p smart and when ı open a game or an app, the sound quality of discord is very good, but the game's sound is very bad. Is there any solution for this?

  • Tamara

    I am using a chromebook, and cannot download Discord. I was thinking this may cause audio to be disabled for me.

  • ReneeEclipse

    I second this. Please give us a speakerphone option.

  • Drumanchu

    What the f happened to iOS speakerphone function on voice chat?? Listening through the earpiece is so counterproductive and downright awful! I cannot listen while navigating the stock market, please get this working again or I’m going to just quit you guys all together... I really don’t want to do that though. Please assist. Thank you very much.

  • Devajufan

    Now there is a speakerphone option, but when I uncheck it there's no sound in the phones earpiece. When using headphones the sound works, though.

  • andypenny

    When I use my headphones on my mobile I can hear people in the chat but they cannot hear me.

  • Sorukie (L4n/Zedd/Estrid)

    Speaker still doesn't work... It originally worked long ago but hasn't for quite sometime. Any plans to fix this issue? Kind of makes discord voice unusable on voice without an earpiece...

  • Sicarius Avindar

    Has recently started for me as well, it just stopped allowing me to use the Speaker Phone option one day and that's that.


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