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  • 🦆2608

    An option to turn it off (and have it turned off by default for Nitro users) would be good enough, as it's certainly not a bad idea in general for people with bad data.

    Good idea or no though, it's ridiculous that I have to upload my photos to a Cloud service and link them to everybody to get a reasonable quality image instead of just uploading them straight to Discord, especially since 2MB is well below the 8MB mark…

  • ThaJakester

    This NEEDS to be addressed. I may just discontinue my Nitro subscription as well. I actually thought Discord didn't compress images. I only realized this was a thing recently, hence, my coming to this thread here. I pride in discord sharing high res artwork images with my friends and I can't do that anymore D: 

    Discord does not have to be rid of their compressing ways but it should definitely be an option in settings.

  • Rahlii

    I second this

  • DaSpood

    @MoonlightCapital maybe, I havent made tons of tests about this issue. I just noticed that the files were way smaller than they should be, and multiple pics looked a bit "flatter" and not as detailed (couldn't zoom as much without starting to see pixels, obviously going from 8250*6640 to 1650*1330 isnt without any loss)

  • Rimedra Veltziona

    I have a problem with this too. Not only does it happen with sending images, it PIXELATES all profile pictures and makes them look awful. Maybe there can be a way to turn that off? Not gonna lie it literally hurts my eyes.

  • Zippy

    I second this. I want to share my files to other people through Discord and share photos in the quality its meant to be.

  • JediSignals

    I plan on using Discord to deliver small (1000 pixel by 1600 pixel) images with text. My testing has shown that Discord turns a high res crystal clear image that is only 375kb into something that is barely legible. Why???? This is hugely disappointing and may change my entire business plan. Please tell me there is a setting to accept images at their original size.

  • ThaJakester

    @a dedede amiibo, Even on desktop, when i open in browser and download the image, its a much smaller, lossier file than before i uploaded it :(

  • Blu_Skyu

    There needs to be an option to turn compression off for small images. if I am sending something like pixel art, there is no need for compression! It's turned sub-100x100 images into blurry messes.

  • Rimedra Veltziona

    @Jordan exactly. The promotion of nitro is getting more and more aggressive. It's gotten to the point where it's completely ruining the experience for free users. Nice job discord. Not everyone has a full damn 10 freaking dollars to spend so they can have good image quality. Especially when some people send art commissions through it, and Google drive has even crappier image quality. A friend of mine sent me a commission and had to use a 3rd party cloud service to do so.

    Also, not to mention when I had an iPhone SE, discord FORCED YOU to buy discord nitro because iPhones have a high resolution JPEG output that you CANNOT CHANGE. This is why I stick to Android because I can't upload on my Mac or iPad.

  • sx

    My understanding is even Nitro users experience the image compression still, is this true? If so I have no reason to use Nitro, and really as long as I am within the file attachment size limits there should be no compression, or in the very least an option not use compression. I want my mobile users to have access to view and save original photo data without manipulation, or at least without compromising compression and resolution changes. I need to share maps that have small text and details that need to be picked up by the end users.

  • liam𓌺

    I’m pretty mad about this because every single photo I upload it pixel even though it’s not I’m also paying for nitro

  • yaboku’s lover

    same. i have been using discord for about 4 years i think and this is the first time that my pfp has become stupidly pixelated and i have no idea why it's happening. i'll try to do it on my laptop later since the pixelation happened on my phone.

  • David

    Hi! I've got the exact same problem of quality on mobile, sending the images from a bot.

    loomweaver I'm currently using PNG but the quality is still decreasing considerably.

  • Jaime Shirazi


    please address this

  • FaithonfleekOKURR

    It does the same thing to me and it’s annoying me

  • Sali

    The exact same thing is happening to me right now and it’s pissing me off

  • Father


  • Kr4cked

    bump... please do something about this

  • Moriarty

    just noticed my girlfriend's iphone Discord app is doing this.  large files being compressed to 160kb and 312kb files.  look like garbage.

    I'll be cancelling my nitro next month unless discord gives us a way to disable this.  I want uncompressed uploads at all times under the limit threshold unless I explicitly ask for compression to make a file fit.

  • XODorioh

    Still a huge issue for me. I like to share my art with my friends and discord guts them down so that you can't even see the lines. I guess if I pay for nitro for no reason then I should just cancel it being that the main selling point is actually inaccurate and false.

  • MarikoRawralton

    It seems that Discord is planning on implementing mandatory video compression across mobile for non-Nitro users, capping the resolution at 720p or 1080p for Nitro users. I expect this to affect image uploads as well, so it seems Discord has heard the complaints, they simply don't care and wish to save some money on top of charging 10 dollars a month for basic features.

    Even Skype gives you the option to upload raw image files.

    Even Skype, the platform Discord was meant to replace, did a better job uploading images and videos.

    I suggest people take their business elsewhere or just cancel their Discord Nitro subscriptions entirely if they're going to keep using it as leverage to make the base experience worse.

  • Jordan

    I really hope they add this or at least consider it. It looks so bad and its just to promote higher uploads with Nitro probably. I really miss crisp photo camera quality.

  • nicole


    Uploading gifs with Nitro takes away A LOT of quality from gifs 👎

  • Dazai

    It became even worse. The images are even more destroyed.

    Nitro user here.

    EDIT: You're literally allowing a f****ng emoji to be 256kB and damn sticker to be 500kB and here you downsize my image to below emoji level quality/size, shame on you.

  • bih

    bumparooni. whenever i send gifs on the app the preview looks like doodoo but when i enlarge it or whatever after a couple seconds it looks fine.  for a couple weeks they looked fine even in the preview but now they look bad again

  • MarikoRawralton

    This is labeled as "Completed" but it was never actually addressed and is now worse than it was a few years ago!

    After the recent React update on Android, ALL IMAGES ARE COMPRESSED, even if they're already compressed.

    Oddly enough, there IS a toggle to compress images. It doesn't do anything, though. It's called Low quality image mode, and it's meant to be used on mobile data.

    I sent a support ticket, believing it to be a bug and submitting tons of images and even a video. I was ultimately told it was "working as intended" and sent to this thread.

    This is absurd. What is the purpose of Nitro if everything you send is just gonna get squashed? It ruins the nature of filesharing and ultimately undermines the products they're trying to sell. I'd been considering a Nitro sub, but seeing this, it seems more fit to just disable my account.

    Compression is a necessary evil for people on mobile data or people who aren't as tech savvy, but it should absolutely be optional! Discord is much more than a simple chat site. It's used to move around game assets, personal art pieces, etc. This is absolutely unacceptable and the site should be held accountable for it.

    EDIT: Even Skype's mobile app has an option to send a raw image file. Y'know, the platform Discord replaced for a lot of people? C'mon, there's no excuse.

  • Paradox Edge

    Corporate greed is rapidly corrupting Discord. So much for the "we care about the people" motto they originally had. They'd rather add in user flair and more paid exclusivity than actual useful stuff. It's all downhill from here, kids.

  • loomweaver

    I had this same issue and here is what fixed it: upload the image as a PNG. Problem entirely solved on my end.

  • David

    Future readers, I've the solution for you:

    • Convert your `.png` files to `.gif` 👍

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