Alternate log-in method via connected Accouts


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  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    This should be an opt-in feature, as it is harder to guess somebody's email address than to just memorize their username if you wished to gain access to their account without authorization. Also, seeing as usernames (and even tags) can change...

  • chloroform chloe

    Why is your email and password not easy enough to log in with? Discord has a "Forgot Password" feature. Also take into account you need a token to log into discord, these third party applications don't return tokens so you woulden't be able to login unless Discord told them they need to update to return this. If you are forgetting your vital information such as emails and passwords, write them down.

  • Ci1ian

    well as i wrote before for example when you've lose acces to your e-mail Account. And you can't remember your password, than is a second option to log in a great option, that can save your account and give you the option to change the e-mail Adress to an adress that you have acces too. Without creating a new account. or stealing all the nice support guys the time for that maybe impossible chance.


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