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  • Retne

    Yeah, that would be great. When I need to move the Discord window even if it has focus I can't see where the Discord title bar starts and begins depending on what is behind it. I have changed my Windows setting to help with this for other apps, but the Discord title bar stays as an indistinguisable dark grey or black.


    It's not very accessible as it is now.

  • a_cup_of_sugar

    Signing in to agree.  The current title bar is hard to grab, tiny, very difficult to interact with.  There needs to be an option to use the standard Windows title bar.

  • SkullHex2

    I'd like the opposite to be honest, but I guess implementing one thing or the other would be pretty much the same: Discord's custom titlebar on Linux

  • Meru

    +1 for this

    Discord's one is too thin for me and i'd much rather use have the title bar like the rest of the title bars in my system.

    Not only that, but in the maximized mode, i can't drag it down from the topmost pixel (like i can with the rest of my system title bars) but rather i have to very carefully move the mouse down just a little so it will let me drag discord into the windowed mode. This is annoying and unconsistent with the rest of my system.

    If an user has their title bars set up the way the way they want, discord shouldn't think they know better than the user and introduce their own propietary one without the option to use the system one.


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