Keep Discord mobile from hogging the audio stream.


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  • L

    discord stop hating android users challenge 😳😫😭

  • discord.exe

    JustDwelt At least it works great for some 😄

  • かわいい一匹狼

    bumping this post


    Discord please fix this

  • ComfyDoggo

    Add me I have found a workaround for this it doesn't involve any broswer or anything, you will just lose mic access and a bit of volume. 

  • discord.exe

    ComfyDoggo what's your discord tag?

  • ComfyDoggo

    For anyone wondering my discord tag is #8882

  • MAD^𝔾𝕌𝕐^

    hey ComfyDoggo i sent u a req please dm the solution

  • Pumpkin

    Please fix this :)

  • Mikkel

    PLEASE fix this

  • DuaLipas16

    My problem is that whenever I use groovy and join the voice channel with my friends, groovy sometimes lag. And whenever I want to talk to my friends they can't even hear me at all even though my mic is not muted.

    When I talk, the groovy is glitching. The only way for me to make groovy not glitch is by disabling the microphone in my laptop setting and its annoying because I cant talk when listening to groovy. My friends also say that my voice glitches. Please fix this discord.

    If any of you know how to fix this please help me thanks, just message me in discord, I will appreciate it so much.

    My user DuaLipas16 #9720

  • Alexander III of Macedon

    Have they settled this issue, or haven't they?

    I wanted to know if there are any challenges from their side to resolve this matter.


    Please, I just Want To Watch Anime Together With My Friend
    Please, Help Us
    You're The Only Ones Who Can
    If You Can't, At Least Tell Us So We Won't Have To Keep Our Hopes Up😔

  • worldremaker

    Few days ago I wrote email about this annoying issue to Discord's tech support. I've received multiple answers with tips "how to resolve it" but it looks like Discord's support even doesn't know how their Android app works. Now I see here that this issue is featured past last two years without any solution.

  • BlueCrystal_78

    why has this not been fixed yet?
    this causes a number of problems
    i literally have to use headphones in order to here anyone in a call, it halfs the max of all of my other sounds.
    anytime i want to play a song over my mic I can't because my speekers can barely make a sound.

  • novaburger

    Please add a away for discord to not lower the volume of other apps. Thank you.

  • Goldoni

    They don't care lmao

  • The Gabinator

    What I just did which seems to work fine for now, but isn't the perfect solution is to use your browser. Instead of using the discord app, what I did was opened my browser and went to the discord website. I'm not sure but I think you need to enable desktop mode on the browser which makes it think you're on PC and then clicked open discord in browser. When I joined the VC I was trying to listen to music in, it was perfect. Just as a sanity check I left and joined in the app again and yeah, it was absolutely terrible compared to doing what I did.

  • lotillo

    I just wanna say that i have the same problem than everybody, the only thing that i can do to "fix" the problem was using discord on my browser (you need to enable desktop mode on the browser). So, the music in a call was perfect, because the software of your phone take the sound entrance like multimedia, no like a call, so it takes sound priority to multimedia, not to the sound that cames from calls. Sorry for my english im spanish xd and basically i do the same thing that the gabinator do. (Please discord, fix the problem, at least make a enable desktop mode in the app for phones)

  • nicole¹²

    annoying af

  • mOrphball

    It's been like 3 years and still no fix despite all the complains. Can't listen to music, watch youtube or watch mu friend stream on your own app. That's a shame.

  • greme

    Optimization/ram clearing worked in my case. Try it


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