Member List minimization


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  • Madi

    This is a great idea :)

  • RayE

    I agree with OP a nested userlist would be a great addition

  • Acco
    To divide it into moderation, etc?
  • Alexis
    this is a good idea ^^
  • Sonicwave

    Collapsing roles sounds useful. Perhaps the offline member list on large servers could simply be collapsed by default instead of being hidden entirely.

  • Green

    Just had this idea on my own as well, made a post for it and was told it was merged here.  This is my mock-up for the idea

  • Litigation Jackson

    Especially in big servers this would be a huge help

  • I need Friends

  • Lorin

    I feel this could be expanded to an option within the role management to hide them entirely, to allow increased privacy (although they could still talk in channels and act normal otherwise).

  • MattW

    Hi there,

    I certainly agree this feature would be useful. It would make things look a lot cleaner in messy servers if users could collapse certain hoists.

    Have a nice day!

  • 0rd

    You are smart man. Sir thank you much

  • Black Mega Therion

    sounded bad until i saw greens illustration, good idea!

    I'd also add to make role categories in the server settings so that when you go to edit roles you can do the same! In the server settings for roles you would have a "make category" option like you do when making channels and the roles would still be toggle hoisted, but hoisted roles on the member list would just become collapsible! 

  • mkoko

    Yes please, I just submitted this exact feature request through the "help/feedback" section, but it recommended I came here. Please keep nested user roles as a separate feature request, as that will complicate it. Just collapsible roles. Thanks for your consideration!

  • MrDannyloco

    It would definitely be convenient if there was an option to contract a separately displayed role from a list in order to reduce the space.

    Here is the example I gave on my feedback note:

  • Simply Brandon

    This'd be great, just like the channel list is collapsible per category. Pls add

  • LazyDragon

    I love this idea. Would love to see it if you could also fold names that start with different letters, since on massive servers there can be many people with the same role.

  • ミンク

    Gosh yes please. Especially in bigger servers this would be such a massive help.

  • loykad

    This is the only feature I check if it's finally implemented or not whenever a new update comes. I'm glad I was not the only one who thought about this.

  • thefx890

    I actually hate it, you know, if i have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of People, just to find that one User, that I want to chat with per DM. I hope, that this will be done soon.

  • electricerger

    Additional idea

    Have an additional view/dialog that displays the members.


    The content is currently displayed in a single column. But when you really want to find something/get work done, you don't just do it on your phone, you go onto your computer with 4 monitors and spread the content out (or spread a bunch of files out on your table if you're analogue). A bigger view would also give you the space to do additional UI things like filters and (user) search.


    Access view via public "Server Settings"

    All users alphabetically (offline are grey)

    By tag (includes duplicates)

    Sorry it's low quality, not good at art, used paint. I'm not sorry about the Comic Sans.

  • Autumn

    hey discord, do this!

  • A Displaced Soul

    Great idea.

  • georges

    Collapsible roles is a great idea! I'm currently on an event discord server with an estimated ~3000 ppl and this feature would be amazing because I don't always need to see the 15 bots that are on the server or the 30 organizers, or the people who are offline. Discord dev team, please implement this!!!

  • LaRoso

    Why is this still not a thing?


    Why is this still not a thing?


  • AlchemistsFire

    This would be amazing, why is this still not a thing? I'm in a couple of massive servers that revolve around game development, and I can't find myself in the member list to check what roles I have. Ridiculous when my username starts with an "A"...


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