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  • Simone | termi

    Is a nice idea! UP

  • RealistiqRP

    Great Idea!!!

  • matlo

    we need something like this

  • RealistiqRP

    I'll got some things about this topic, you can tag a voicechannel with the following method:


    To get a channel, user or server id you need to turn on the developer mode!

    I hope i'll help you!
    To help me, subscribe to my youtube channel RealistiqRP! Thx

  • Yakiyo

    It's actually possible.
    First go user settings > scroll down > advanced > turn on developer mode

    Here's a vid to it: 

    Then get the channel ID for that VC by right-clicking on it and click on "Copy ID"

    Then enclose it with <# and > in the format of `<#ID>` put the channel ID in place of "ID". That will put the VC as tagged like other text channels.



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