Discord should keep all of my app settings, no matter if I re-log.


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  • RoseRiderus

    Ever since the latest updates, I've had this issue to. I really dislike having to redo my preferences on the notification settings both on mobile and PC every few weeks or so. Would love to get a fix for this!

  • Dentalicious

    I am seeing this regularly now as well. Really annoying.

  • 𝓖𝓮𝓽 𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓮

    100% agree. It's very tedious to change my settings constantly simply because I'm logging in again.

  • Ramier

    I have the same issue, has been this way for a long time.  Reinstalling Discord does not matter, and many of my friends don't have this issue at all.
    Not only don't key binds save, but in game Overlay options that others get in their games do not appear in mine.

    I also have a new computer for the last 2 months, with the same issues.

    I have a second Discord account to try a comparison, and the key bind will not save on it either after you log out, close the application, and reopen it, yes in Admin mode.

    I do notice that when I reinstalled Discord, bringing it up for the first time (as admin) it has the message - Welcome back.  Shouldn't it be new for a new install before I even log in?

    It also didn't ask me where to install it, it just did.  My files location is:

    Yet under the Task Manager / Startup , there is a second Discord | Discord - https://discordapp.com/ with a different file loc.
    Either way, installing and reinstalling does not work, using a different discord account does not work as both have the same issue - keybinds are not saved.

    Where is this keybind file located?  Maybe we can edit it?

  • quarky42

    Over a year later and keybinds still don't save properly. This is really stupid. I get really tired of setting up the same thing over and over again.

  • alex895

    Devs please fix this

  • Pnut

    Signed on to see if there was a solution for this, but disappointed to see that this has been occurring for over two years. I have the same issue now when I sign out of Discord and sign back in, all notification settings and keybinds reset. Please update this so we can save out settings and not have to redo them every time we log onto Discord from the same computer.

  • Sup2.0

    The weirdest thing is some settings do seem to save, like Light mode or Dark mode preferences, and gif autoplay, but others like font size scaling or colour saturation don't...

  • Fear

    The weirdest thing is some settings do seem to save

    Yeah, like my activity status and overlay settings are saved after logging into another account, but the fact that I don't want Discord to boot on startup or give me notifications aren't?

  • SnoopSqueak

    Still a huge pain 3 years later, pretty ridiculous


    I agree 3 years later still huge pain please make it happen why do I have to add mute toggle every time I relog especially if u have 2 users on 1 PC it's so much pain for both of us

  • Chives_2k

    Wow glad I'm not the only one that struggles/ extremely annoyed that I have to update my keybinds EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOGIN. come on discord, get your shit together


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