Progress system through ranks/levels


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  • purpzie

    Personally, this makes me feel like people would think they're more important just for being ranked higher. This is why I usually avoid servers which have a bot ranking system

  • Exaint
    i really dont think that a "season pass" would be the spirit of Discord. If u want a server with level/ranking systems- there are alot there. But i dont think this will suit an official feature.
  • chloroform chloe

    Use a bot. This would be a horrific feature for Discord.

  • dabaldeagul

    one word: BOTS

    discord has bots for a reason. things like this can be created with the discord bot api. look at MEE for example: full ranking system. or unbelieveboat: get server currency to buy your own custom shop items you create. 

    I think this is a terrible idea for discord to implement themselves.

  • undermaster.
    Many bots like MEE6 can do that. If you're asking for a built-in one, that's good
  • YouTube Feazy

    How do I add levels


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