"personal pins" idea


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  • haiduong87

    I support this.

  • Havelocked

    Totally agree and was thinking of suggesting this very feature myself - glad others have thought of it too. It would make a huge difference for navigating servers and finding those posts you just love to revisit or find yourself searching for frequently - and those are such personal things the normal pin feature for servers just isn't sufficient. 

  • DennisReactive

    i totally agree and support personal pins/bookmarks


  • moosecat

    I would LOVE personal pins/bookmarks. I am on various creative servers and would love to pin some DIY or inspirational stuff people post. Came here to make the suggestion so I'm glad to see there are others here!

  • justGoron

    I had the same idea! It could work similarly to the reddit save feature. There you can save posts and view your personal list of saved posts.

  • Xodarap777

    This.  It's so simple.  Please add it!


    There are often posts that *I* want to refer back to and bookmark for my own use, but I don't have the ability!

    Should I really have to keep a google doc of message links, outside of the app??

  • Olav

    yes please!

  • Ay

    In my head I call them personal pins bookmarks.

    Why is the feature not already present ? I bet you folks have thought about it. Is it a resources issue ?

    Graphically it is so easy to differentiate - little icon, ribbon, slightly different background color... The pin icon itself can even be the same - just dropdown into "pin" and "bookmark" where pin wouldn't be available when not admin.

  • TaurusFire

    Yes please!!

  • shard
    I can say having like button for your own pins is good but what if you moderate a server and then want to pin a message for the entire server what will you do?
  • Zacatero
    I like the concept, although I don't understand the difference between this and just pinning the first message so they can get back to the top of that section.
  • Hyproxy ♤

    Ignore everything I say here

  • Zacatero
    how would this be different from just pinning messages like you could do already?
  • Exaint
    If you have the permissions for it, you can already pin messages to the channel, where it was posted.

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