Make Connections “Friends-Only”


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  • nova1253

    The idea is that it prevents trolls from spamming you not only on Discord, but any connected and visible social media. If this was added, you could let your friends friend you on other social media without the risk of trolls/unwanted guests. Of course, you could just send each of your friends a message that gives them you social medias, but this would be much easier to do and much less time consuming.

  • MercyMerciful

    I think the devs can come up with another way to make a profile unique enough to identify them for the reasons listed above.

    This is basically a privacy request from the OP, which totally needs to happen in some way. If I want a different nickname (and hopefully a server specific avatar if they ever give us that update in the future) I don't want some rando on a shared server knowing my nickname on another server or my connected accounts. It's odd that Disc doesn't allow for even just a basic 'private profile' option that hides everything but server name and server avatar from non friends.

  • kid open

    I agree this should be a thing, plus. If you connect your Spotify account to your discord one and if you used Facebook to register your spotify account (so you can get an actual name an not random numbers and letters) then anyone can look up your spotify name for your facebook profile.

  • Inanimate Object

    (Bump) This REALLY needs to happen. I've been in large servers with some questionable people (banned now) who I would definitely NOT want to get into my Twitch. I don't want to leave the server, but it's made me afraid to link my accounts for a while now.

  • fabiorfreitas

    (Bump) I'm using Discord as a classroom and I DEFINITELY don't want students on my social media, specially Steam. I simply had to hide every connection until this is addressed.

  • land

    (Bump) This should be a thing specially for the troll reason, it's pretty uncomfortable being in a place where everyone can easily find all your social media profiles.

  • jAAAzzEEE

    I agree, there should be a setting to where you can choose who can view your status and it should only be visible to those people, i use custom status a lot and its annoying having to go in and change it bc ppl are offended by an inside joke only me and my friends get, this need to change asap.

  • Dayno

    (Bump) Same issue as fabiorfreitas, I don't want my classmates on my social media and this option seems so obvious to add.

  • myrddincat

    This request is a basic privacy request, isn't hard to implement, and has been an unfulfilled request for at least two years now. Is this at least on the roadmap yet?

  • _ _


    When will this be implemented? I am on many servers with thousands of people and I don't want them all knowing my connected apps!

  • StarGlowQ

    I'm surprise this isn't a thing already! Unless you avoid all public server you basically have to hide all connections. Having a "Friends Only" setting should be easy enough to do!

  • _Rysen

    Please make this happen. I've run into scammers that deliberately target connected accounts (primarily Steam) in their schemes. Unless I constantly want random scammers to message me about my Steam account being "in danger" I have to keep my connections turned off. What's the point of being able to display connections, if you can't do it securely? And no, closing DMs to public servers is not really a viable workaround. Sometimes I'd like to have a private conversation with someone before adding them as a friend.

  • mamaliga

    I seriously don't understand why this has not been implemented yet. I don't want random people to be able to make links to my other accounts.

  • seven

    +1 PLEASE

  • cccmdm

    +1 I would also like to see this feature since I like to make my connections known to people I've friended but not through massive guilds.

  • Initea

    I do feel that this should result in individuals easily being able to impersonate other people as usernames are not unique. Discord tags are however. Nothing would uniquely identify a user which would be a struggle when searching for message history, pinging someone, et cetera.

  • Kaicer

    This is not Whatsapp to hide your last connection, Discord is a gaming channel, nobody is interested in those things that you are asking, if you do not want some to see your personal information just block them because if you feel they do not deserve to know your username in discord, the game you are playing or discord in common, I do not know what personal information you are talking about since any data such as facebook, twitter, League of leyend, YouTube, are data that you placed to make them public in your account if someone wants know more about you, and you yourself are looking for these data to be public.


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