I can be in two calls at the same time using one account



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    Dabbit Prime

    If you have a general question about Discord or you feel you need support help, please contact our support team via https://dis.gd/contact or tweet us @discordapp. This website is specifically for new feature suggestions to add to Discord. As such, I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • donovan_dmc

    They can just record everything that's said

  • ValheruWolf

    Also, at most this would fix this on discord, but they could just set up a second account and do literally the same thing.  Or a different service. 


    The only thing that could be fixed here is being on 2 different servers on same account popping up a notification to yourself saying, hey you are also in a sever on another device, do you want to disconnect.  Be good for if you forgot you were on a server on your phone and got on your computer, could disconnect the phone.  But would make this just an option, not a force.  But this is separate from your issue which someone could still easily cause the same issue for you.



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