Facebook Page Integration


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  • Criptomasters

    This would be great.

  • FullMe7alJacke7

    Why isn't this a more popular thing?

  • Zeenie Beanie

    This should be the default option as streamers use Public pages and now Facebook added the Video Content Creator tags for pages so that you can keep your streaming separate from your personal account even more, it also adds an extra level of privacy with discord that way

  • ISuXGaming

    I know this is an old topic, but it shouldn't be old and should have been implemented into Discord some time ago.  How is this still not an option?  With all the Gaming creator pages and whatnot.  You should be able to link "THAT" page instead of your main account page.

  • Lets Aspire

    @discord pls

  • Bob West

    +1 for this. It's important for me to be able to link to my Facebook business page rather than sending people to my personal profile.


    my link in Facebook expired in june 2020. There is jo ability to renew it either. And i believe that's because i use a different email for my discord than my Facebook. How do i fix this? This is why we should get to choose what fb account we wouldst prefer to link to

  • DemonQueen

    Why is this still not a function of discord? I want to be able to link to my page, not my *personal* profile -- that's for close friends only and I keep it private.

    Discord! Come on, get with it, please.

  • Anach

    This really needs doing (along with Instagram). The same goes for Reddit. I would rather it link to my Subreddit, rather than my username.

  • GreenMan36

    Please keep Facebook far away from Discord

  • Ridsnake

    But you can use the webhook feature. It´s there since day one.....

  • TY Kh



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