"Override lower roles" setting for permissions


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  • 7odaifa_ab

    i don't get how this is not implemented yet !, and i thought Discord is a leading application !!!!!!

  • itsTyrion

    bump. How is this still not a thing? having to work around this by storing roles, taking them away when restricted and giving them back later is needlessly complicated

  • Lisafication

    Bumping this again. This is absolute incompetence. If small dev teams doing forum software can manage never/no/inherit/allow/always allow tiering of permissions, there is absolutely no excuse for discord to not do the same.

  • Xavidp05

    They should add it, it would also help to create pseudo AND permissions for categories 

  • Nots Haring

    It seems to be a huge miss from Discord. Anyone knows how to ping them/ or get the devs in here to review this?

  • Honey4bears

    This system has worked just fine the past 4 years and I’m glad they’ve kept it this way. We have zero bots entering and hardly any trolls because it’s allowed us to control permissions by requiring every member to first get certified they don’t have a VPN, alt account, or been previously banned. This also allows if a nitro booster that we have that role higher so it shows the color and features they earn if they do it immediately after becoming a member.

    Now while they earn their levels and xp more features can be earned but at the same time we can still show they are a nitro booster. So many ways the current setup has worked and simply turn off all everyone features and let them rank by proving themselves by participating.

  • Honey4bears

    After getting certified they’re allowed to see the start here category, rules page etc and then they select IAgree to rules and only can if they’re first certified safe. After pressing I agree than they can access everything a new member is allowed at the time. It’s a great system for self governing/ accountability limiting what moderators need to do so they also have time to participate.

  • KENZ

    Please implement this please.

  • Tuhadj

    Most useful and needed : priority feature to be implemented

  • Yaerion


    I just ran into this today, noticing that one member had access to a channel he wasn't supposed to. First I thought i made something wrong, then I thought it was a bug, then I had to make some research and found this antique thread. Luckily in my case, it wasn't a big deal cause this channel was not critical, but I'm afraid admins in other servers could end up in a very tight spot because of this very unexpected behavior! How is this not fixed already? This is a security & community safety problem for the servers.

    We need something to address this issue. I've seen in this thread several ways it could be done so I won't add more.

    Please look into it, thanks!

  • Rebo

    we need this discord staff please make this a reality it can't be too hard to implement an option to make a selected role override roles that are lower in the hierarchy in case you don't want all the higher roles overriding lower ones for whatever reason

  • Dark

    i feel this is a serious issue and bug, i have been testing this for several reasons however I have also noticed the impersonation does not match reality roles with heavy limitations are being overridden by a basic role.

    1 allow changes 10 denies this isn't valid, if anything the default should be deny. other than for public channels.

    precedence is the simple option. x role is higher in the list of roles so takes precedence.

    if this is not true what is the point in being able to edit the order of the roles they may as well be alphabetical.

  • Spencer Zantos

    Some people don't understand what exactly people are wanting. I run a trans server that allows cis people to also be in some areas. We provide roles to show if someone is under 18 or over 18, as well as various pronouns. We have pronouns specific channels as well as safe for work age related channels; we don't want cis people being able to access these. Because they can share the age and pronoun roles, we can't restrict cis people from viewing these channels because the age/pronoun roles have the specific permission to view the channels, even though the cis role is higher on the role list and even has channel specific permissions of viewing the channel denied. The only solution I can find to not have 100 different roles or specifically restricting individual users from the channels are restricting typing access in these channels.


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