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  • Exaint
    Good Idea! But u can set a Hotkey for muting your headset. So there is no need to switch apps and u can do it fast.
  • Joni
    Push-to-mute already exists. User Settings > Keybinds.
  • kenworth007

    If you talking about having to have the discord active to have you hotkeys working, you have to run discord in administrator.

  • noerest

    I was about to post the same thing. It's also useful when you're playing a game, with your friends and a random guy, and you want to use team chat. So for example, you hold T to mute Discord AND talk in the game. This will make it so you won't be heard twice (on Discord and in the game at the same time)

  • Joni
    Is this PTT Deactivate sound in Notifications > Sounds? I have all sounds disabled, and can't hear any push-to-mute sounds. Enabling that sound added a sound which you described when activating push-to-mute.
  • Overkill Phil

    I fully agree with "anActualOrang" and relate to his sentiment, as since a recent update I can no longer mute this sound individually. 

    I very much hope Discord can once again include the option to mute the PTM activation sound, as it is annoying. 

    EDIT (UK - 20/05/19). 
    So I figured out a solution, which works for me (while also questioning whether this is simply what I did before as well, lol):

    Open Discord > Click on the cog settings icon > Notifications > Slide PTT Activate & Deactivate to off.

    That's it.

  • Naduk

    sounds like you guys are doing things the hard way
    set your discord PTT and game PTT key to different keys
    its not like you don't have a minimum of 100 keys at your disposal
    no more echo transmits, no more accidental channel coms

    fuck PTT notification sounds of any kind, nothing more annoying


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