Give all Platforms Same Priority. Give every platform the same features at once so it’s equal amount all users if a feature will not work then don’t add it.


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  • Zacatero
    While this sounds good in theory, it doesnt often make sense in practice. Some features like the game store, for example, would be pointless on mobile.
  • 󠇰󠇰

    I wouldn't say it would be pointless on mobile it would be nice to browse through games and buy them while your out and about. Discord could also have the same feature as Steam to buy the game and to automatically download, then it's ready for when you come home.


    If Discord had the game store on mobile that could be a good idea on their part because Google and Apple take a large cut out of their stores. Possibly open up to more cross platform games on mobile and desktop.

  • Fuzen

    Apple doesn't allow for third party app markets or circumventing their pay cut, so that doesn't make any sense for iOS devices. (PS android doesn't allow third party stores on their App Store, which Discord would be if they implemented it)


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