Discord Wiki Channel


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  • 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡
    Would be great
  • roznatiKosinus

    Cool idea, been wanting to do the same, sth that not only the author can edit. We could call this new wiki-like type of channel kiwi :-) 

  • plus

    Been wanting this as long as I can remember

  • Rob Torcellini

    I'm assuming this is still a non-existing feature?

  • Switch_Cat

    I can see this is dead, but commenting to bump it. This would make games over discord much easier as with it handouts could be put directly into discord. 

  • Erick407

    I ended up here looking for exactly this feature.

  • JFel - The Bert

    Any update?

    This seems like a feature that could generate revenue for Discord. Any group large enough to want a wiki would almost certainly pay for a boost to get it. I know I would for the game server I am a part of.

    Regardless of revenue potential for Discord, a wiki would be a great feature that would keep many users in the discord app rather than leaving to access that service at another location...


  • NickServ

    The community wiki feature works great on Stack Exchange, and I'd like to have it on my Discord communities too.

  • Jonathan Pecany

    Just about to make my own suggestion about this. But not before searching to see if someone else had the same idea. And there it is.

    But yes, this could be a very useful feature. Such as for FaQ so approved roles can make edits, read, moderate it, etc.

    Very useful when making instructions about the server. As well as help by fixing grammar and typos for community stuff where everyone reads it.


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