I'm being harassed by someone and Help & Support won't do anything?



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    You can reach out Trust and Safety team via https://dis.gd/request and for fastest turnaround time, please read over this article: https://dis.gd/HowToReport. However, this website is for suggestions of new features to add to Discord, so I'm closing out this ticket as this is not where we can assist with this type of issue.

  • Orion1998

    What I meant by personal details was what the person looked like and where they lived. I do happen to know the person's first name and their age.

  • Ravenoth

    Have you tried to block him? His messages on the server will be hidden and he will no longer be able to contact you through PM's.

  • Gogetters

    Block them, it should've been the first thing you did before complaining to support.

  • Orion1998

    Yes, I did block the person. However, since the person was on the same server as I was, he still kept messaging me via the server


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