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  • Granette Riepoulsson

    why are both of you arguing now what is this infighting

  • canadian ice queen

    It's bizarre that they don't just have this as the default

  • eric13

    so many examples.  Searching for stock tickers like $ONE, $ANY and $ROOT and what results do you see?  thousands of hits completely unrelated...

    Implement boolean search and problem solved.  

    And as for a comment above that this has not been addressed because there is no way to monetize it...  application adoption is inversely correlated to the friction of user experience in basic functionality like search and UI.  If this search friction was measurable, it would quickly become a #1 issue for the dev team - and the business side.

  • Dinos564

    I totally agree, but I also see why the "fuzzy" search would be implemented. A built in way to narrow it down, such as using quotation marks (ex. "Doge") would, in my opinion, be an efficient way to do it.

  • schmal

    Listen, I get not wanting to do things that are trivially easy. That's why the clock in my car is 16 minutes fast -- I last set it for daylight saving time in 2017.

    Now, I could spend 25 seconds to just fix it. Or, I could continue to do nothing, and just mentally subtract 16 minutes whenever I look at it. But I haven't. Well, now's the time.

    If Discord wants to seriously pursue this "Imagine a Place" campaign, and claim to be a hub for chat, forums and social networking, then they need to take 20 minutes and just get this done already. There is no excuse for it not to exist, and every single developer at Discord knows this.

  • AquaSZS

    Hilarious how a feature that is actually easier than fuzzy search to implement hasn't been added after 2 years of users complaining.

    I don't understand Discord devs' priorities; they don't want to put in a tiny bit of effort for this huge UX improvement.

  • doratrix

    I suspect this isn't the dev's call.  It would likely be more than a "tiny" bit of effort, making sure that the new system can work at scale with millions of users and billions of posts and still be responsive.  Take search in FB messenger for example, that is hot garbage and FB has a *lot* more resources than Discord.

    The main blocker for this is probably the increase in server load/capacity required to handle full text searches, which comes down to money.  With a mostly-free product, managers/execs will be very side-eye about ROI on anything that adds an eternal recurring expense.

    That said, they should implement it anyway, because the fuzzy search is hot old garbage, and FB is a very low bar for UX a company can be proud of.

  • Twilazs

    welcome to discord where the tiniest of problems (that seem like would have been easier to not create in the first place) sit unfixed for years https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360030081431

  • CashPrince

    one would think this request is a no-brainer. I can't believe people have to vote for this feature to be available. You already have indexing, enabled and everyone knows how to use Google. Why isn't there a similar functionality with search? "Dust off the ol magnifying glass my a**! I can barely find anything. Please fix.

    Thank you!

  • Nekkowe!

    It's unbelievable that this doesn't work. It's the simplest thing you'd want out of a search tool. If I'm looking for mentions of a "roughness" texture, I don't want a million "that's rough"s, "rough draft"s or "rough idea"s.

  • MrMeister

    Come on Discord wtf!! This is unreal, how does GUI = GUY and ANIMATION = ANIME?? Useless search for finding anything meaningful.

  • Waivered

    This is probably why Microsoft didn't end up buying Discord

  • SergeantBus

    Also doing DnD related activities on Discord trying to find "Weapon Attack" I don't need every mention of either "weapon" or "attack".

  • tox

    It's almost been 2 years, and this still is broken, wtf discord?

  • Warlocc

    If the client was accidently giving out free months of Nitro, they'd fix that shit in an hour. But users being able to search? Years.

  • Mandoling

    Oh god, the search is completely unusable :-(

    Just remove the related words feature, that would at least be predictable...

  • Hope Of Morning

    Scenario # whatever. I want to find anything ever but keep getting barely related results instead of what I search for, I go to use the most basic of functions that nearly every program in existence has only to find it doesn't exist in discord for some reason. 

  • .twy

    One more scenario now:

    I want to search for messages which call bot commands having both "uzuki6" and "songtest" as substrings.

    There are results when I search for either "uzuki6" or "songtest" alone, messages having both substrings are also shown.

    However, when I use both texts as keywords (either "uzuki6 songtest" or "songtest uzuki6" (without quotation marks)), no result but just an empathy banana comes out.

    So probably the search feature also converts not only words but also phrases into something that is completely different. Yuck.

    (P.S. 小唯 does not necessarily mean 小倉唯, I don't need 小倉唯 in my search results when searching 小唯)

  • tеst

    I want to search for "free will" and it searches for "free" because it decides "will" is a noun and not important for searching

  • Sarperen

    I'm pretty sure internal organs and international organizations are different things, but Discord seems to disagree.

  • Blank

    This is a must. Please implement asap.

  • Samwow

    I tried to search for "Gui" and got a bunch of posts for "guys"

  • TaurusFire

    How is this still not a thing.. unbelievable

  • JH

    Imagine if software devs actually had brain cells.

  • Brumbpo

    Scenario 3: I am searching for posts containing a specific word. Discord searches for every variant of the word BUT the word that I typed.

    I guess discord took a leaf out of google's book here....

  • RomanPlayer22

    Scenario 4: I'm looking for the word social in a discord.
    Discord gives me the word socialize
    Scenario 5: I'm looking for the word experiment.
    Discord gives me the words experience, experimental, experiencer.
    Discord likes to either remove a word or add an suffix like "-ize, -ism, -ness, -ly, -ie, -ally -e, -al, -ous, -ive, -ion, -ing, -ed"
    Let me know if I should edit this post if you find more suffixes added to normal words therefore causing problems.

  • Flashlight

    i could code a bot do to this in less time than its taken for this to be noticed

  • R

    Searched for "experiment" but got results for "experience". Too many to sort through.

  • lordyoyo

    You're getting downvotes for several reasons.

    One is that you indeed did something wrong: you are hijacking this thread about problems with the search function, for your own agenda. That is frowned upon in any forum, ever.

    Another is that you look upon this forum as if it were a discussion forum. It is not. It is a support and feedback forum. You completely misread the vibes and the main function of the forum.

    Not to mention that your posts seem kind of cringe, calling out a thread that's receiving attention, just because yours didn't. I don't know if it's due to saltiness, or just your lack of understanding of how things work here, but either way, it sure as hell won't earn you upvotes.

    The reason why this thread gets so many replies is because it is an issue that many people face, so many people leave feedback about it. Your issue involves only you, so of course (almost) nobody is going to care about it.

    About something being done, that is up to the creators of Discord. but if you "don't see people coming together to do something about it or get something noticed", then you obviously haven't noticed the 482 upvotes and the 150 replies to my original post. That is exactly how things get done: if we gather enough votes, the devs will notice, and at least reply, in best case even fix the issue. It has happened to many requested features before, and it will happen sooner or later to this one too. Unfortunately 500ish upvotes is still way too few to get noticed, we need to hit several thousands for something to actually happen but it's at least growing steadily.

    I was wondering whether to reply to your first post, but in the end I decided not to waste my time. This time around you half-forced me to do so, so here, I've got something to say: please only discuss the problem of the lack of exact search in Discord in this thread, and don't bring other agendas here. Thank you.

  • hylain

    I honestly run into this issue every other week. It's very frustrating.


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