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  • tdb

    Scenario 3: I'm part of a team developing a game involving animals.  I wanted to look up the solution to an animation issue I had a month ago.  Discord decides that "animal" is close enough to "animation" and returns a lot of results which have nothing to do with animation whatsoever.

  • seebs

    Yeah. I'm looking for a specific conversation in which someone referred to "accountant". I absolutely, positively, do not care about hundreds of other conversations referring to "accounts".

  • weirdalsuperfan

    Wtf why does this not exist??? I'm looking for the word "animation" but I just get a million results about anime. This is ridiculous!

  • xgerhard

    Exact search would be nice. Another usecase, I was searching for the last time a particular command was used, searched for "!commandname" but got thousands of results with the commandname without the exclamation mark.

  • Gallous

    I'm trying to look for help regarding statues in an RPG and Discord helpfully returns every instance of the word "status".

    This isn't even a common misspelling, it's a completely different word. What a useless feature.

  • mofumofu

    Allow me to chime in wishing for exact search. Trying to search for "blacked" gets me every time someone said "black", which isn't very helpful.

  • 󠂪󠂪

    tried to find "oh for the love of," found a bunch of "oh lovely"

    that's not even close

  • Frezak

    Yeah, this keeps being an issue for me.
    For instance, literally just now I'm doing some D&D stuff, and looking for the word "Summoner" which is not the word "summoning".
    It's been a while, Discord. Surely it can't be that hard to do.

  • pixelbath

    There are some strange stemming issues too, like from words that shouldn't actually be stemmed.

    • "simulant" (a game engine, and also a specific Blade Runner term) produces results for "simulate", "simulation" - in a programming server, this produces way too many results
    • "c++" literally retrieves every post with the letter "c" and highlights each instance of that letter, so there is no actual way to search for the programming language c++; adding quotes or spaces does nothing


  • Brumbpo

    I would really like to see this.

    I don't see the practical purpose of the current search's 'change the terms' idea. If I want to look for the word 'jump' in search, I do not want a result without 'jump' in it. This includes 'jumping', 'jumped' etc. If I wanted to search for those words, I would have entered them into the search bar. The point of searching should be to find the word(s) that were entered into the search bar, nothing more, nothing less.

    Please don't pull a Google over at discord. Don't make the program think it knows what people are looking for. The whole correction/context/tense thing is obnoxious and adds nothing of value. It rather makes searching impossible because there's no way to tell Discord to omit things I never wanted to search for in the first place.

  • aliengeo

    I can't look up my own real name (which is a normal spelling of an English-language name) without getting results for something a few letters off. Makes it really hard to find times when someone was talking to me but didn't @mention.

  • Kitten Raee

    I'm trying to look if anyone found a solution to my issue with "controller". Nope, discord can't let me search for controller and throws out every other variant of a word "control" instead.

    Why can't they even do basic thing right, like a proper bloody search !?

  • Dark Theme Community

    When I want to search for where a specifc command was used, such as <!help>, I get many results for "help", which means I see mostly "help me".

    This would fix that

  • yonkiman

    In a 3D printing server I’m on, people talk about ABS filament and ABS+ filament.  ABS is about 100 times more popular than ABS+, but when I search for “ABS+”, I get results for “ABS” as well, so about 99% of the search results are incorrect.  Please improve search.

  • A year later and there isn't a fix yet? Seriously?

  • garlicOS®

    It seems like it would be harder to code the "inexact matches included" search that we have now. I don't see any reason why exact search wasn't an option when the ability to search posts came out in the first place.

  • MTSowbug

    Exact search isn't just nice, it's essential. Search should behave like Google - exact search for anything inside quotation marks.

    Discord's lack of exact search is a problem. For servers with a large message history, the fuzzy search makes rare words that are similar to common words unsearchable. I have occasionally found myself in the situation where I export the entire message history just so that I can use a program such as Notepad to perform an exact search.

  • hotgrits

    I can't find what I'm looking for; the search function is absolute crap.

  • CannonFodder

    I'm trying to search "excel" as in "excel spreadsheet". Not "excellent".

  • jcoptre

    Exact search would be incredible. The bigger problem is the fact that Discord completely ignores short words, so searching for a phrase like "and for a while it will" only returns messages with the word "while" in them.

  • Moctor

    the fact that searching something in "quotations" doesn't include only and exactly the word or phrase you're searching for is really surprising to me... and even more surprising is that it's still the exact same after all this time.

  • melardev

    Seriously? This is still an issue to resolve? >>>><<<<<

  • AquaSZS

    Hilarious how a feature that is actually easier than fuzzy search to implement hasn't been added after 2 years of users complaining.

    I don't understand Discord devs' priorities; they don't want to put in a tiny bit of effort for this huge UX improvement.

  • zombiemode

    I'm in a help discord for electronics. When I want to look for "AT commands" to see if anyone else had a similar problem as me, I just get returned every instance of the word command, which naturally returns thousands of results that aren't worth sifting through.

  • ikt

    Wait, someone decided this was a good idea? If I want to find "Handling", don't show me "Handle".

  • AndyDrew

    Two years later and Discord is trying to be taken seriously as a platform for more than games...

    I try to search for GUI and I get every single message in which someone says "guy" or "guys". Guess what Discord? When I'm trying to find something out about a Graphical User Interface, I don't want to see EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMEONE SAID "Hey guys!" ON THE SERVER.

    Yeah, it's just a platform for casual gaming. Nothing more.

  • J-Cutter

    How is this not a thing? I google searched wondering why "Quote Search" didn't bring up exact results, and ended up here seeing it's a tbc feature request.

  • Warlocc

    Nothing like searching for "IED module" in an Arma discord and getting every single instance that a person said "I". What a worthless search function.

  • AndyDrew

    This problem seems to apply to the "Explore Public Servers" feature as well. I was trying to see if there were ASL or deaf related servers listed there. Searching for "deaf" returns every game related server with "dead" in it's title or description.

    Discord seems to be implying that correcting people's spelling is more important than the existence of minority groups. Either that, or the public server list isn't actually intended to be used, it's just for show?

  • rhaeyns

    people keep chiming in with different use cases for exact search, and im struggling to think of a use case for fuzzy search. it is literally useless. im searching for 'accessibility' and its giving me a million results for access and accessing. i just don't even understant the purpose of a search function that doesnt show you what you searched for. 


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