Displaying Discord Notifcations on the Phone and the Computer at the same time.


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  • xavier

    You're welcome onewaydown! I have added another tool which forcibly triggers the idle timeout for those who are unable to fix their phantom input issues. Check the github page and read the "Discord Notification Forcer" section!

    I would also like to have a native option to send all notifications regardless but they might be avoiding re-implementing this as a cost saving measure, which is quite shameful.

  • Lady Terentia

    Found this by searching for how to make.it so my phone gets notifications when discord on my PC I minimized. Really disappointed to see that after 2 years of people asking, this still isn't possible. Please make this change!

  • iSmartMan

    I concur with this request! I'm the kind of person who never turns off their computer, and my preferred mouse sensitivity is high enough that my computer rarely goes to sleep, so I basically never get notifications on my phone. I want to be able to glance at messages without interrupting a game session, or get alerted while I'm at work when something is happening on a server that I have mod privileges on. Some people (like myself) liked how it was before, so we should be able to choose if we receive notifications on both desktop and phone when actively using one device.

  • yun._.shu

    please we need this function!

  • moose1114


  • Odrax

    Really, two years and still nothing. Great support. This kind of sh*t makes an otherwise great platform practically unusable.

  • Driagan

    This issue has been bothering me for so long, thanks to the tool provided by xavier I was able to locate that it was a USB joystick causing my PC to not appear as idle. However, the notifications should have a timeout setting of 0, which would have prevented this (notification instantly goes to both PC and mobile).


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