External floating window for video calls


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  • Deunsk

    That would be great, over a full screen game to see what happens in the talkgroup..

  • adbask

    I honestly don't know what's wrong with this generation, you can't tell adults from kids, wherever I went, all I hear and read is games games games games games more games, as if the entire technology is geared for more games, what is wrong with you people? Is this the ONLY objective you have in this life, play play and play some more until the day you die? Seriously?

    Good grief.

  • 7mager4

    @adbask you should try it sometime, it's quite fun actually!
    And i think i speak for most of us when i say that we have other goals in life as well, games is an amazing way to do what people have already been doing before with TV and books.

    Personally i learned English at the age of 6 by playing video games, learned puzzle solving, increased my reaction time, communication skills and played stories which stuck with me for life and gave me valuable lessons along the way.
    But the biggest reason I love games is because it connected me to the world and people around it. While i was bullied in school and had no friends, i found friends online that could relate to me.

    So... for all game developers out there i just wanna say thank you for your hard work, it pays off <3

  • Vyrsace

    @adbask Another Karen


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