Please support Google Voice


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  • JaseYANG

    I also use Google Voice as My Main Number. Bank of America & Discover don't seem to have a problem with me using my Google Voice Number for verification/security & their site/data is more valuable. 

  • iXNyNe

    I feel like this has been requested before and apparently closed and removed. I had opened a support ticket personally about this exact issue #2317835 roughly a year ago and was told to review the community feedback and support the existing suggestion which I can no longer find. This article is linked from another possibly related feedback


    I'm kind of concerned that I cannot find the original feedback someone else had posted requesting Google Voice numbers to be supported.

  • iXNyNe

    An update from opening a support ticket (not quoting, just paraphrasing):

    Discord migrated their feedback website and any feedback with fewer than 100 votes was purged.


    My takeaway from this is that the team will probably not consider this feedback until we have more than 100 votes, although I personally do not have insight as to the minimum vote count required to get their attention.

  • Warrition

    I also use Google Voice as my cell provider. It's especially silly that I can't verify using it, because I transferred the number from a regular Verizon carrier.

    Please allow verification with Google Voice!

  • Sir_Tyris

    This is a common problem across different sites.  I don't understand how ~75% of sites are totally fine and text me at my voice number no problem.  

  • agt

    This platform takes texts. I use this as a public number and rather not use my carrier numbers just to talk on a server.

  • larssec

    Adding to this shit, common Discord

  • tedfry

    +1 Please support Google voice!  

  • Jonkunnu

    Please add this support, surprised places are still blocking this...

  • eric.

    Yes, please add Google Voice! 

  • JamesTDG

    This is a big issue for me and I would like to be able to use my google voice, this is especially hard since the only provider I have available is google voice, I'd like to be able to use some of the better servers on this platform, but, I can't do that because of the lack of support.

  • kalieaire

    This poor execution for 2FA intentionally punishes users in the USA whereas countries with a high distribution of prepaid sims (like everywhere else in the world) are, quite frankly, given free reign. 

    The product managers and the security team who drive these shortsighted antiquated policies need help and move toward 2015. 

    They need to understand how a 16 year old can perform SIM Swapping using social engineering techniques and how accounts like Google Voice have more technical controls in place than AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint do in terms of preventing phone numbers from being stolen.  I have strong doubts on Discord's own support and internal teams with regard to their own resilience in front of social engineering techniques.

    VOIP numbers Landlines should be added to verification techniques as well as FIDO U2F tokens.

  • PeacefulPotato

    I removed my phone number because I wasn't using it, it went to someone else, and Discord kept happily sending all my verification codes there. When I go to change it to my Google Voice account that will always be mine, Discord blocks me because it's a "VoIP". I would think people changing their phone numbers and unknowingly compromising their accounts would be a more likely problem than someone breaking into a Google account with 2FA.

  • Dr. Wombat

    +1, I went to google Fi, and no longer am in control of the phone number associated with my discord account, i try to change the number to my google fi number, but never get the text to confirm...

  • EvilMoFo

    Twitter works with it, Keybase works with it, Signal works with it.... but Discord can't be bothered to work with it? This is nonsensical.

  • SpaceCowboy

    Discord you are locking out real people in the name of spam protection. Please allow us to add google voice numbers to our account. Even if not automatically at least through a support request. Google voice is my only phone number. I will not be buying a phone plan just for your site.

  • JamesTDG

    Been at least 4 months since I talked about this, but, I STILL need this, especially since I am now doing digital work with clients on your service and some of them refuse my services because I am not verified. So, please, discord admins and devs, I do not care how little time you have at work now, just add VOIP and landlines for platform support, so us Americans can have verified accounts.

  • eganist

    Gonna have to bump this. I have a Google Fi ( number and I'm apparently impacted by this defect because Google doesn't differentiate between Fi and Voice.

    At this point, this is a breaking defect as I'm now locked out of discords I mod. We'll have to migrate to Matrix or equivalent if this isn't resolved because my direct cell provider is being confused for VoIP.

    Impeding phones of any kind (not even speaking to VoIP, but it may count) may have section 508 concerns, which may mean that any publicly funded school diligencing discord for 508 compliance may be obligated not to use the platform because their implementation of phone verification may impair people with disabilities from verifying their identity (because their phone provider isn't supported, or because they use VoIP because VoIP affords them computer use capabilities that phone lines don't).

    I call this out in writing in order to obligate a response on the topic - schools searching for Discord 508 compliance may soon find this defect in search results.

    Edit: Saved the thread in case my comment about 508 compliance is deleted -

  • _ShadowWolfe

    Two years after the initial thread is created, and Discord still doesn't have support for at least Google Voice?? Wow, that's disappointing. I'm not too much of a "hide everything for privacy" type of person, but I've loved using Google Voice as an alternative way to give someone a phone number if I feel like I had to, especially if my SIM number is changed, I can move everything to Google Voice temporarily, if I had to.

    Get with the times, Discord, other platforms allow it, why won't you?

  • MoKu

    how to disable google voice?? it's very annoying

  • 0xE1

    Even my landline phone with Deutsche Telekom is VOIP now, any other phone service types have been deprecated now (and it's Germany, place slow to adopt anything new in ISP world), this is no excuse to exclude VOIP service providers now.

  • kolhell

    I am working on a project that strongly prefers our membership not use existing personal email addresses or phone numbers, but rather create unique ones for security purposes - a phone number that is unknown to be associated with a person is much less likely to be spoofed by a bad actor or some bored skiddie. As a result many of us are now communicating via Signal on new, dedicated GVoice numbers, however we also have a need for a general org channel that Signal cannot support.

    We chose to use Discord over Boomer Discord (Slack) because it much better suits our needs, it's not a nightmare for me to admin, and between this and a GDrive I can actually enforce prevention of people sending around sketchy .docx attachments. As I've said before: security is a primary concern, but mandatory 2FA for elevated roles for our less-secure communications is sufficient. However, I am now finding out as an intermittent G Fi customer who has not had conventional phone service for literally years (although I would honestly prefer we use our new burner numbers to 2FA for this project) that I am completely unable to secure my server the way we require.

    This is crap and pointless. You have wasted my time by advertising support for 2FA, a major selling point of being able to use Discord, and making me jump through hoops installing 3rd party apps. Our outreach to younger generations will now suffer for the decisions we will have to make around this. On this issue alone I have flipped from merrily setting up a server with dreams and a cc in hand, finally having a good excuse to support a service I love at $100/yr and likely beyond the life of this project, to swearing to never give this trash a dime. I'd tell you to fire whatever Old you have making this call and fix your service so I can pay you money instead of it going to M$, but I may already be gone for good just out of spite that I'm now stuck paying for Slack.

    Eat my whole ass,

  • Dan

    I'm rural in a hilly region and Google Voice is my only number.  There are communities I can't join because of this foolish restriction - please bring your modern communication platform into modern times.

  • widdakay

    This is still an issue and really needs to be fixed because not everyone is Discord's cookie-cutter person who can jump through the hoops they arbitrarily set up, or is fine having great internet or else the app literally disables itself. Today, Discord is more life-critical than ever before, and thus I hope it can have that extra reliability and flexibility needed to support use cases beyond the original gamer roots it started with (which it does support extraordinarily well and is hands down best in class for that use case). 

  • Felix_Gaunt

    How is a "Tech" App like Discord is so backwards that it can't accept Google Voice? I literally use my GV for everything, even potato banking apps, with no issues. It's ridiculous that Discord can't handle it. Like others have indicated GV is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay safer than relying on a # that can be duped via SIM. Seriously Discord you're just embarrassing yourself by not keeping up with the times.

  • NKYadav

    I do have to agree with the general sentiments provided in this thread.  I use my GV number because it does not change - even if my regular landline, VoIP and cell number *do*.  It's the number I give out to people in REAL LIFE to call me - not my cell.  My so-called landline is a GV number running on an ObiHai ObiTalk 200 - - aka VoIP that I use over my fiber connection.  I can take it anywhere I want that has Internet access via an Ethernet port - even by using a BT HotSpot on my phone when travelling.  Facebook accepts it as my actual number - as do all my friends who call or test me.  My phone has the GV app and I can send and receive calls and text message for both my personal GV number, my Home GV number, and GV numbers associated with my businesses.  I own 4 domains and have 4 associated G-Suite accounts with those domains, and my primary accounts in each domain have their own GV number as well.  So, that's 6 diff numbers, plus my Fi number, that I should be able to choose from, but I can only use one of those.

    So, why, exactly, am I not able to use my GV number for Discord, but I can easily use my Google Fi cell number for it?  Well, according to this article from 2015 They are not 100% identical but predominantly the same.  And Google only got it worked out recently (last year) so that they could work on the same device together:  See and and

    So, if you can support Fi numbers (which you are doing RIGHT NOW with my cell number attached to this account) you ***CAN*** support a GV number, no questions asked.

    So, why not?  It makes 0 sense.

  • wescpy

    We need to continue to "star" this issue. Google Voice, which is neither a landline nor a VOIP number. This is extremely irritating, esp. when other vendors have no issue with it, hands-down. :P

  • ashari77

    Thanks for all

  • Mark11

    I agree, it is irritating that you still can't use a Google Voice number (even if it was a land line transfer) to validate your number.  I use GV for everything and have no issues anywhere other than the Discord validation.  

  • Whiskey419

    Also gonna bump this, really bothered I can't use GV with Discord. I do it for security reasons because I do not trust most corportations. 


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