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  • 3MtnBros

    @online is equal to the current @here

    @offline is equal to @everyone - unless you ONLY want it ping offline and invisible people (but there is no point in that)

    @available is actually a good idea.

  • Zacatero
    yeah why would you only want to ping offline people? Like what point is that to ping offline but not online people?
  • KoroFX

    Get Downvoted....

    Feature 1 & 3 already Exist and pinging offline people makes no sence since there OFFLINE...

  • CarcinogenZ

    yeah @available would be nice

  • ☣The Devouring Plague ☣

    I agree with good will intent

  • ヌユベ

    Why do all of these say two months ago? I posted literally two days ago.
    Also @online != @here. @here is for people looking at the current chat, not everyone who's online.

    @offline != @everyone. @offline would ONLY ping offline people. It's probably not a good idea in and of itself to use, but it could have its uses.

    I don't know what people are talking about when they say @available. I never wrote that.


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