Better Invite Management


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  • Thenomain

    3-5 days would be a perfect short-term option.

  • VitaminTHC

    while at it...

    if you allow users to create invites, how about the ability to list and edit their own.

    in order to realize the intentions of the original post, extend roles with the ability to create limits on invites based on the values at into the role object as permissions_settings (which would enable storing settings for other permissions in the future as well.)

    int invite_max_age, bool invite_max_age_perm, int invite_max_uses, bool invite_max_uses_unlimited, bool invite_temporary_allowed, bool invite_unique_allowed


  • Chad

    This is exactly what I'm looking for. Rather than to have to prune the member list of inactive members that were invited spur of the moment by someone and never ended up being an active member on the server I could just allow @everyone to only create temporary invites. And more active members would have roles with permission to promote the invitee to permanent member.


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