Make requirements to block somone


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  • DaSpood

    Why would I need a good reason to block someone. That's a personnal choice, if I just don't like someone or can't stand them even if they did nothing wrong I should not have to justify myself.

    As for scammers, stop buying stuff from strangers on the internet and you'll be fine, just think for a minute before giving your money away.

  • Dr. Glass

    Some of us buy this stuff because we want to, Ever hear of that? There's always going to be someone that's going to exploit loopholes, so I feel that it would make it better reviewing the claim for blocking. Plus, We can have it block by IP which would be kept secret but you don't receive messages from users with the same IP, to prevent raids from users that have blocked somone. I see the reasoning behind your comment, but think about the people who just get scammed out of their items because they run an honest trade on the internet selling items to other players for a little extra cash. When somone wants to go scam them, with this, they would have to get approved by an unbiased person who can clearly see this was a scam and instead delete the scammers account, effectively helping with moderation of users too who need to be banned instead of blocked by one user, who can easily find another target.

    If you think this is a bad idea then ignore me, but this would effectively be a better way to help ban and avoid those who have less then honest intentions.


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