If Several Users Vote to Report, the Offender is Banned Temporally.


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  • IFJ

    It's a reasonable idea, but I'd suggest adding "report" feature. and depending on the servers rules, a user getting 3+ reports will be automatically muted for 30 mins. all of that depends on the server admin report feature configuration, 

  • ScaredTie22

    Thank you for the comment! I will add that to my suggestion. It's a better word than mute. I appreciate the criticism, I honestly wish I would know why I have gotten 5 downvotes.

  • DaSpood

    Or, you know, just moderate your server.
    Reports are very easily abused, with a feature like this it would be easy for any troll to just login with two friends and ban people for no reason.

    Just take your admin/mod responsibility and if someone is bothering users they'll complain about him and you can deal with him easily. This way it does not get abused as much. If you need such a feature I assume your server has a lot of members already, so you should get some moderators to help keep things in order.

  • LeOtOmAs

    if you really have this issue, you can always use a bot, thats why they are there

  • Moral_Gutpunch

    I have to rely on two other people to stop homophobic slurs and dehumanizing wording?  Ouch.  Why do I need to team up and coordinate reporting (which is kind of a hassle according to some people I've asked this about) to stop this stuff?

    Why not actually address troll reports, regardless of how many people report it?  Peer mediate, maybe?


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