Direct Message menu having folders that can be hidden when desired


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  • tor

    pinning and groups/sections would be very helpful

  • temmssmdisnas

    I was about to send my own post regarding this feature, but turns out someone had this idea already


    Having DM folders would be so useful for grouping friends and other dms, even if its as simple as this mock up i made

  • ShinoBF

    oh thank you very much for that! its exacly what we want!

  • MattW

    Hi there,

    I certainly agree! As a community owner my DMs can get spammed up quite a lot and I lose track of where my friends are within my DMs. Being able to categorise/pin friends at the top of my DMs is definitely something I would fine useful.

    +1, Have a nice day.

  • lengo
    This would be cool!
  • WebMD

    Well you'll be happy to hear that it's currently implemented. Just task manager close your Discord and restart the application and the update should be pushed to you..

    Proof of Update:

  • watto

    I know that the server folders are here. My suggestion is about user folders.

  • WebMD

    My apologies. 

    I wrote this just a few minutes after waking up and I wasn't entirely cohesive.

    Though I would say this could be useful for people that keep their DMs with people, though some people tend to keep their DMs cleared out.

  • watto

    No probs man!

    Yeah, i would kinda like this feature too, that's why i posted this :D

  • Piggyfacepork

    This would be very useful to organize DM groups and user conversations.

  • jayhawker6

    I had the same post, thinking, why not just servers? then this popped up as a suggestion!


  • slade.

    love it

  • thetechguy
    this would make my DMS look more organized
  • dada513


  • adenator09

    I agree so much with you. I think this suggestion needs to be in Discord.


    (PS: I am 111th person to upvote.)

  • ShinoBF

    Now that server folders are here, we are not so far of the user folders! which would be a dream come true, i love discord so much and I thank all the team for listening to our requests and beeing so in touch with all of us. I hope user servers come as fast as possible now that they prove it was possible to do servers!

    Im not a server person myself because I found those icon images quite sturbon that burst all the asthetic I try to keep, with this new feature i can now hide all of them and keep the ones i like where i want them! (soon enough wwe will be able to put an image as the icon folder, and I'll just be a happy bean.

    Still, user folders might be easier to accomplish! IDK, but in fact, keeping all those people in a place would just be a life saver. specially when you are not friends with them and if you clear them out, they will just disapear in the void. Ive lost some clients like that specially bcs they also change names frequently and can also change their #number which makes it harder to find.

    Anyway, thank you all very much for supporting the idea!

  • Alf
    It would be great if it were real
  • Yoloo

    love the idea

  • almostsuspense
  • 🇬🇪Georgian Beast🇬🇪

    Looks like I'm not the only one who had the idea to create an user folder! It's better to have your friends sometimes in a folder, rather than them getting scattered off by DM spams/talking to anyone.
    If this dream comes true, idk what I will do. I love this idea.


  • バビロンの戦士

    Yes upvote this shit..

  • Kona

    Do you mean the same way they implemented folders with servers?

  • Orange

    Yes, in a similar way to the server folders. 

    Ideally this feature would come with a more advanced search, for example being able to search for a friend in only one specific folder.

  • Ardate


    I want to keep my close friends in a folder, and my art clients in another. It's a headache trying to remember clients' usernames through the huge friends list you end up having other time.

  • imaxorz

    Being able to organize DMs into folders and have the ability to bing those folders or DMs themselves would be a very much welcomed feature.

  • Matoro Zeliph

    This needs to happen! I want to categorize my IRL friends, online friends and family.
    Also being able to rename them. Just copy how Steam does it!

  • bronypony880

    This would be a very very good idea to have. and very useful 

  • Solaris Spark

    I'm gonna agree, it would be super useful.

  • I would really love this feature!!! I would be so useful for keeping people organized

  • Val the Moofia Boss

    I'd like to be able to organize my friends list and DMs into folders as well. I'd like to separate my gaming friends from my work contacts from my IRL friends.


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