Edit messages faster


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  • BluBOo

    since the arrow key up moves the cursor to the beginning of the current text, i'd prefer to hold ctrl while doing it to not get rid of that.

  • Raffael

    Yep, sounds better, @BluBOo

  • LordErpel

    I totally agree with you

  • PegLegPete

    Yeah agreed with BluBOo, maybe you hit page-up/down, or alt+up/down, to move between messages.  I really like the hit up to begin editing, just wish you could scroll between other messages just as easily from keyboard.

  • Jorian

    I'm not sure when they added this, but now you can do something similar by selecting the message with TAB:
    When you are typing in the textbox, you can press TAB once to get a blue border around it. Then press UP until you have selected the message you want to edit/reply to. Finally press E to Edit the message, or R to Reply to it. 

    So for example to edit to a message 3 messages before, just press TAB + UP + UP + UP + E.

    Saves a few mouse clicks so you can stay on your keyboard :)


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