Allow different channel to Nitro boost announcements than welcome messages


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  • Darr247

    You need to explain it better if you want people to upvote it...  also, did you mean boots instead of "boosts" ?

  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    OK. I'm gonna upvote this, I loved it.
  • GhostieSpook

    Why haven't more people upvoted this?!

  • GTA Tetris

    ^ I agree, 

  • charitwo
    This is a no-brainer. Welcome messages can be VERY spammy depending on server size and server owners may want to separate the two. You'd want the boost message to be public but not necessarily the welcomes (and if both public likely different channels).
  • cark

    This would be cool yeah but it's been suggested before

  • charitwo
    Chromebook people are people too
  • Voracity

    Yeah, someone boosting your server should get a bit more recognition than random people flooding in. I was kind of surprised this wasn't already an option. Definitely would like to be able to have server boosts be shown in the announcements channel.

  • Purpzie

    This definitely needs to be a thing tbh

  • waffle

    somebody spam discord on Twitter with this post so they implement it

  • xander

    how do I make a boosts go into a separate channel then?


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