Add an In-App Notification for Failed Payments


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  • Foxx

    ...they didn't let you keep your sub, even after correcting payment? Discord is usually better at customer service than that. I'm disappointed.

  • Nompire

    No, but I'm trying to handle that in the support ticket. :(

    I'm just trying to save others from the same fate as me.

  • Kriss

    Same happened here. My card was stolen and i had to get a new one sent over. I forgot to update my Nitro Subscription and lost my 1,5 year badge. RIP.

  • Marionette

    I bought a house and my bank changed the zip code on my card without giving me a heads up, the only in app notification I got that something was wrong was when the advert for getting a nitro subscription came up on the banner (Im was on a yearly plan so I dont get emails from discord too often). I contacted support almost immediately but they said they couldn't do anything even after I corrected my payment info and talked with my bank about the issue. I plan on getting at least the classic subscription here soon but I'm still sad that only when you loose your subscription is when you're notified in app that something is wrong with your payments.

    Also something to add having a more detailed description of what went wrong with your payment would be nice, it took me a few hours to figure out that my zip code for my card changed from 4**06 to 4**04 (yes, only the last digit was changed by my bank). Also for some reason a payment did go through at one point but ended up being refunded to my account... got no explanation on that other it got denied, the other attempts at payment never showed up in my bank statements so I don't know why this was the only one that showed up. Just some more clarity as to what is going on would make fixing the payment issue a lot faster.

    RIP Nitro Legacy

  • Marionette

    As for alert ideas there could be a few options implemented for both PC users and phone users ranging from a message from a DiscordBot, an alert on your mobile device of your choosing (banner alert, a ping, a sad wumpus holding up a sign with your country's currency and a question mark on it), an exclamation on the options button and then on the billing info.

  • Vinstapix

    my Nitro payments failed UNEXPLAINABLY . Been fine for months credit card charged no problem.  Had well over the amount required and card not at limit reached.
    June failed. 4x in a row. Why i dunno.
    Nitro Sub disabled
    Server boost disabled
    Nitro progress badge erased
    Had to change to PayPal to fix it. Got my Nitro back, had to reboost the server. Nitro progress badges Reset. Back to the beginning.


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