Increase Role Limits for Boosted Servers


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  • undermaster
    Before when I dont know about Discord that much, I've asked on what is the role limitation for server and they said 300 but they said something out of the line like, "The more roles you add in your server, the more laggy your server will be" or something like that. I think that explains it
  • Evil Paragon

    Then just don't make more roles than your server can handle. If a server wants more roles and can handle lag, why not let them make more roles?

  • iG0d 

    I agree, big servers need way more roles than discord's current limit which is 250.

  • La antigua cuenta del don Flinga

    500 for level 1, 750 for level 2, 1000 for level 3

  • ward1631999 HPKJ

    lol i thought about the same i want to see it since i have reached the amount of roles

  • chattchaii69


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