allow users to send badges as emotes


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  • Yerbich Of Philipagate

    Please send link for add emojis ,, thank you sir ..

  • Alexis
    I'd say more globally to every badges, like Hypesquad Events too, same for bug hunter, and so on...
  • Tarek

    I disgaree, Alexis. When it comes to the bug hunter badge.

    Considering that the badge is specifically for doing stuff in Discord Testers. We have ton of emojis (80 atm) they can use in the server already (73 if they are not nitro). 

    While the HypeSquad badges is for spreading hype/hyping up Discord in other communities and places.

  • ryan

    If there's global special emotes, here's a few suggestions:

    :discord: - discord logo, obviously

    :wumpus: - wumpus face

    :canary: - discord canary logo, for canary users only

    :channel: - the # logo next to channels in the sidebar

    :online: :offline: :dnd: :idle: :streaming: - user statuses


  • Albafica

    Good idea

  • Atlas
    I don't think Discord will do it, but it's a good idea.
  • spin~
    this is a good idea but it relatively useless if the emotes can be downloaded like any other emote by another user visiting the link
  • almostsuspense
    Isn't that useless? why would you use these emotes?

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