Racism bigotry and hatred



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    Hi there! Thanks for wanting to report a user that might be violating our Terms of service. You can reach out Trust and Safety team via https://dis.gd/request and for fastest turnaround time, please read over this article: https://dis.gd/HowToReport. However, this website is for suggestions of new features to add to Discord, so I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • Fnction

    You should include what you want to be done to fix this

  • Kalrizion

    whether or not anything is done about this it would not solve any problems, not only is the problem itself impossible to solve, but is it really a problem in the first place if you are only there by choice? Discord doesn't run these servers and absolutely no server is mandatory, you choose what servers you are a part of and those who run those servers choose what is allowed in those servers. quite trying to turn discord into canada, no free health care for you either. If you don't like a server, leave, if you like a server, stay, the solution is that simple. It only exists so long as you want it to exist because whether it exists or not doesn't affect you unless you are seeing it, and seeing it is entirely optional.

    So this isn't a discord problem, this is a YOU problem.

  • Whistler

    Just excuses.

    Shut these servers. Keep shutting them. Keep banning fascists. That's how you keep our society safe, or at least safer.

    Blaming other people is as fallacious as it is risible



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